Newcastle Will Win Nothing With Mike Ashley As Owner

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We were sent the news about Andy Carroll texting to Steve Wraith last night quite early on – but even before that –  the news about Andy Carroll asking for a transfer seemed very suspicious to us.

Mike Ashley

For one thing when Mike Ashley was said to have turned down the second offer of £35M, Andy Carroll was also said to be in a helicopter on his way to Liverpool – but why would that be if Newcastle hadn’t agreed a fee with Liverpool?

And Sky Sports reporters were stupidly giddy all day yesterday – and that was also a sorry sight indeed. I showed Madeline, my wife,  how they were going on and she also thought they were like little kids in the playground. Apologies to little kids in playgrounds everywhere. 😀

We knew Mike Ashley is prone to make huge gaffs, as he did when he fired Chris Hughton out of the blue, but one problem we have with Mike is we just don’t see a lot of them coming.

Bit it’s now very clear to us that Ashley is one ruthless businessman – and believe me I’ve seen this kind before – they are not nice people. Well at least not nice when they are in action in the business world, which Mike was yesterday.

But now be prepared in the summer to lose one or maybe two more top Newcastle players, because once next season begins The Financial Fair Play rules kick in and this kind of dealing will not be possible.

That’s why we think the January window was huge and the summer window will be even bigger – because it’s one last big chance for the teams with money – you all know who they are – to spend beyond their current means..

Steve Wraith, claimed Carroll had contacted him before flying to Liverpool, and made it clear he was being forced out of the club.

Wraith said Carroll texted him:

“I’m gutted to be leaving my home town club, i was told to go. I didn’t want to leave that’s why I signed a 5 year deal. I was pushed out of the door.”

I’ve had a little contact with Steve through this blog, and he’;s a very good guy, and he wouldn’t be making this stuff up.

While I’ve had my doubts about some of the NUST members, Steve was always very personable and straight with his communications.

But it made no sense when Mike Ashley said he was forced into the deal  because Carroll asked for a transfer, and subsequently the announcements from Newcastle conveniently neglected to say that Newcastle had agreed a fee with Liverpool – it was all about granting Andy his transfer request and all of that.

So I kind of smelled a rat yesterday  – so to speak .

The goings on in the very last day of the window,  have left some Newcastle fans feeling sick, including me.

And if you didn’t think football is now big business – you saw the rat race in full swing yesterday – with the selfishness and ruthlessness you should be prepared for if you want to be in executive management.

Watch your back is good advice in that world, and I have a few stories from my own career that would shock  people – I can tell you.

The rat race  makes real people seem so small – and there must be a better way for people to operate and to treat each other – isn’t there?

Yes £35M is a very good fee for Andy Carroll – but what are Newcastle doing these days? What do we want to become over the next three to five years?

We don’t seem to have any ambition to get into the top five, and we seem to be a club like Southampton (this is by no way a criticism of this great little club), and other smaller clubs who must grow their own players, but then sell their best players to just survive.

So it’s hard for them to build a great side, because they keep selling their best players – just like Newcastle did yesterday.

It was a very sad day for Newcastle United football club, and Mike Ashley convinced us by his actions yesterday, the famous Tyneside club will win nothing with him as the owner.


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