Kevin Nolan Wants To Leave Massive Legacy Behind At Newcastle

When Kevin Nolan signed on for Newcastle just over two years ago from Bolton Wanderers, most fans thought he would become a great buy for the club.

Kevin Nolan – massive contribution in last two seasons

Kevin was always that type of emotional player who does well at Newcastle. spurred on by 50,000 fans, and he immediately waxed lyrical about the Newcastle club and made his debut against Sunderland.

Burt things didn’t go too well on the pitch from that January, and Kevin ended up out of the side, and Newcastle out of the Premier League in May of 2009.

But since then Kevin has been a major player in Newcastle’s amazingly successful  comeback, and the side is currently 10th in the Premier League.

And Kevin was voted Player of the Season in the Championship last season, and he was earlier this week voted the the Sports Personality of the Year award at the annual Sport Newcastle dinner at Newcastle’s Civic Center.

Kevin is also the captain of Newcastle United and he is a top man on Tyneside, as his guts, spirit, drive and passion propel the Newcastle club forward to bigger and better things.

Kevin has been talking fondly of winning the award and everything Newcastle today:

“When you think about what’s happened in the North-East, and the players who’ve received it beforehand, and to know how much the city breathes not only football but sport in general, it’s just unbelievable,”

“Seeing all the rising stars and knowing they’re all coming through – even though I’ve not been here long, I’ve heard of a couple of them already.”  “When all my friends and family heard that I’d received an award like this, they couldn’t believe it. It’s unbelievable and I mean that.”

“I texted my agent, I texted my dad, I’ve texted everybody. I’d only had the award about half an hour and I’d texted about 100 people.”  “After the disappointment of the weekend, to receive such a prestigious award, I’m delighted.”

“I just really thank the people for giving me it, and hopefully I’ll only get better for the club and the city. I hope I can give them more of what they’ve had in 2011.”

“I just don’t want to be remembered for my hat-trick against Sunderland. People are always going to like that and I’m going to love it for the rest of my life, it will be something I’ll always treasure.”

“But I think the main thing for me is to make sure when I leave this club they’re saying: ˜Thanks very much for your service’. If there’s 50,000 fans saying: Thanks very much’ and saying it again when I come back, that’s what I want.”

“Receiving this award shows I’m doing something right but for me it’s only another step towards keeping myself on-side, keeping myself right, and getting this team where I want to.”

We have to think there are better things that lie ahead for the Newcastle United club, and certainly if we can finish in the top 10 in the Premier League then we’ve just had two massively successful seasons.

That’s especially true when you think about those expert pundits who were out in full cry in the summer of 2009, and forecasting Newcastle would be struggling in League One right now.

Some experts, some pundits.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • davcon22

    Mar 12, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    Comment #1

    Off topic,but an interesting read,insight into a former player and manager.

  • davcon22

    Mar 12, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    Comment #2

    Sorry posted the wrong link above,should have been the Olivier Bernard piece in the Journal,worth a read!

  • Incentino

    Mar 12, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    Comment #3

    I am so greatful that Nolan is our skipper. Micheal Owen being the captain was rather sad. No wonder we went down when the players were supposed to rally behind Owen…


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