Joey Barton’s Dreams Can Come True On Tyneside

Alan Pardew says he has a great relationship with Joey Barton and also thinks dreams can come true for Joey on Tyneside.

Joey Barton – challenges Andrey Arshavin of Arsenal

Apart from a misadventure with Morton Pedersen against Blackburn earlier this season, after which he made a point of making an immediate and full apology to the Norwegian, Joey has been a model of patience on the field this season.

And Joey’s off-field behavior causes nobody any problems these days, since Joey has completely given up the drink.

Of course all contract talks have been put on hold until the end of the season at Joey’s request, and we have to hope Joey stays loyal to the Tyneside club.

But it may take the Newcastle club to relent a little bit too,  and give the Liverpudlian the three year deal he wants at the Newcastle club.

We must say Joey Barton has done very well since his time in jail in the summer of 2008, and it’s very difficult when you sink so low to correct things – and credit to Joey for doing exactly that.

We didn’t think he could do it, and he’s proved us wrong, and good for him!

Pardew spoke about Joey to the local Evening Chronicle today:

“I’ve had a great relationship here with Joey.” “He’s got four or five years, maybe six, still left at the very top.”

“And if he stays in the space he’s in now, he will have a successful period.” “I think I understand him and, in my own way, I’ve tried to assist him and in the process he’s delivering.”

“Make no doubt about it, he’s had help from Sporting Chance and his mentors, as well as Chris Hughton and me.” “But it’s all about Joey – and he has to be able to see it through.”

“He doesn’t drink alcohol now and that is a wise decision given the character that he is, and you have to pay credit to him for that.”

There’s little doubt that Joey has done very well indeed over the last 30 months or so, and we think he can keep it up too – and also fulfill all his football ambitions in a black and white striped shirt – and that’s not with Juventus either.

We just hope that Joey Barton feels the same way.

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