Mike Williamson’s Fantastic Journey To Newcastle United

Mike Williamson is a good example of some of the deals Newcastle would like to make on Tyneside, as they build their team back to a top six Premier League club (we hope).

Mike Williamson – in action against Stoke City

27 year-old Mike was bought in from Portsmouth for a measly 1M 14 months ago, and immediately impressed on Tyneside, and while Steven Taylor was out injured, Mike  played a huge part in getting Newcastle back into the Premier League, with some very solid  performances last season.

And he has made the step up this season to the Premier League, but like any player getting used to the top level of football in England, he’s had one or two poor games, but they have been very few and far between.

Usually Mike is a huge player for Newcastle at the back, and we’ve heard fans from other sides comment that Mike always seems to be one of Newcastle best players in defense, as the 6’4″ center back can be a dominant force at the back.

And we got this lad for £1M?

Mike has been so good this season, that Steven Taylor is now fully fit and cannot get his place back in central defense, and that’s because of Mike’s consistency and solid defensive play this season.

Mike talked today about his career and coming to Newcastle:

“My priority when I first came here was to prove myself at this level and standard,” “There were a lot of question marks over my head, and whether I could prove myself and play week in, week out at Premiership level.”

“That was my aim, and I think I’ve answered a lot of my critics. Personally, I’m just starting really. I want to crack on. Competition’s fierce, especially, in the back four, and I want to play as many games as I can this season.”

“I’ll collect my thoughts at the end of the season.” “I’ve had a little taste of everything.” “I started off at Torquay, and then I was at Southampton when they were a Premiership club.”

“I saw how things were run and the talent, grit and hard work that are put in. I went to Wycombe and started my own little journey.”  “It’s been thoroughly enjoyable – I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I just want to carry on at this level as long as I can.”

“They say center-halves mature in their positions later, and I’m just enjoying my football at the minute and looking forward to every challenge.” “Everyone wants to play in the Premier League – it’s what dreams are made of – and I’m just thankful it’s come together and I’m achieving a lot of my goals.”

For the record, Mike has so far played 43 times for Newcastle, but has still to score his first goal, and in his career  he has 251 first class club games with 14 goals.

Mike’s story so far is a very successful one, and he will be a terrific role model to the youngsters at Newcastle, and we think Mike  is going to get even better, and the more games he plays in Newcastle’s first team, the better he will become.

It’s also a good thing that a player like local lad, Steven Taylor, will desperately want his first team place back asap, so there will be competition at the back for the Magpies through the end of the season, and every player will have to play near or at their best, just  to keep their place.

And that’s just exactly how it should be.

Mike Williamson has done extremely well  for Newcastle , and he has been a fantastic signing for the Tyneside club, and this lad could be Newcastle’s center-back for many seasons to come.

Comments very welcome.

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  • Sir Erec

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    Comment #1

    Williamson- Good player. On his bad days though needs to do better with his reaction timing for marking up opposing players when crosses are whipped into the box. At times he seems to be positionally lost and it is clear to see he is not very quick. My biggest worry with him is his tussles with opposing forwards that always see him shirt pulling or them falling to the ground, it can be risky with him at times.

    That being said, physically he holds up quite well in the air. I’m very pleased with his aerial ability, my only wish is that he would score for off a corner or indirect free kick one day 🙂
    More signings like Mike Williamson would not make Newcastle United a big threat, but they would definitely solidify the team, as Willo is a hardworking grafter. Solid, determined and courageous but not extraordinary.

    As for the team against Wolves, I hope Pardew picks the strongest available lineup of players who are truly fit to play. Having done my hamstring numerous times, I know from personal experience that it would be very risky to play Enrique, as with only 1-2 weeks break with a hamstring problem still makes him susceptible to pulling it again.

    And on a side note, does anyone know what has happened to Vuckic, Kadar and Gosling?

  • Davies

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    Comment #2

    Hope so. He’s quality and is still improving. He has the right attitude as well (wnats to learn) which is always a huge bonus.

    Our usual back four these days is, bar a couple of shaky recent performances, one of the best back fours we’ve had in years. It’s nice that we’ve got Steven Taylor chomping at the bit now as well.

    I love Perch’s versatility, but it would be nice if he wasn’t so, well, crap. I think he could be an outstanding defender one day, but he has a lot to learn.

  • Sir Erec

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Comment #3

    Davies- I agree with your view that Perch could be a good defender one day, as he has time on his side. He seemed to possess good pace, however I feel that he would need to bulk up a bit in order to be better suited to the EPL.

    It would probably be a good idea to loan him out next season if our squad could afford to rather than sell him off. I would hate to have given up on him after only a year, because it seems like we have given many other failures a lot more time than he has been given.

  • Klatoon

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    Comment #4

    He won so many aerial balls against Stoke and I believe we would have coped better without Campbell who left Willo and Collo unsure of their positioning. The Willo/Colo partnership can certainly do a job. Its a surprise why he hasnt scored yet but i think its because hes always tasked with winning the 1st ball which sets up the likes of Nolan during deadballs


    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    Comment #5

    I would have to disagree on Perch, I just dont see it. Everytime I saw him play I hated it. Maybe a loan spell could do him some good but I dont think he will ever be able to handle the pressure of being a toon player.

    As for Willo am a big fan of his, barely puts a foot wrong when he has a stable partnership with Collo. disiplined (despite the red card he got against bolton which imo he just stood his ground and elmander ran into him) and strong, plus his shirt pulling technique hasent been picked up on by refs so I cant rag on that too much. Its not a good thing to do but he does it well.

  • chuck

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    Comment #6

    Both Perch and Williamson are ok, but would`nt start on most PL clubs.
    As stated Perch has a certain versatility in that he can play a variety of roles, across the back four and in midfield.
    He has pace, but lacks in size and upper body strength and not great in the air, also needs expierience.
    Williamson, big guy not particularly quick or for his size good in the air, sometimes caught ball watching and his early distribution was woefull.
    Has improved, positionally and has become a threat on set plays, due to his height.
    I would keep both for the time being, but Taylor would be my choice over Williamson and as for Perch he could improve a lot and is indispensable due to his versatility.
    As for young Ferguson, has a future as a winger or possibly an inside midfielder, forget about him as a defender .

  • BergenVikingToon85

    Mar 28, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    Comment #7

    But we should still cash out for a top class center defender for next season. where does that leave willo? and what about staylor?

  • supermacnumber9

    Mar 28, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    Comment #8

    BergenVikingToon85 – yes, we need a top CH and at lest 1 top full back – and by top I mean better than what we have now who on their day are OK but in essence are an average back 4
    where does that leave willo? and what about staylor? they will need to challenge for a place!

  • boonarmy

    Mar 28, 2011 at 6:52 PM

    Comment #9

    just listening to the alan pardew interview on the radio and he just made a valid point, do you really think mike ashley would spend money flying scouts around europe to look at players when he has no intention of buying them, valid point hope its true.

  • ToonAndy

    Mar 28, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    Comment #10

    boonarmy – We’ve been discussing it on the blog for a while so it looks promising…

    I wanted to listen to the interview but I didn’t have the time… Do you know where I can listen??

  • coolcatcarter89

    Mar 28, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    Comment #11

    Just managed to catch the very end of the interview.

    We did make an enquiry about Zog, but no offer was made. He’s looking to add pace to the side in the summer – so I don’t think that episode is wrapped up.

    If Enrique is unfit for saturday, it’s a straight choice between either Perch or Ferguson.

    Going to wait ’til the whole interview is on iplayer!

  • ToonAndy

    Mar 28, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Comment #12
  • davybtoon

    Mar 28, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    Comment #13

    it was a great interview with pardew very honest n never avoided any question.
    key points were
    1.mike ashly wants to make the club a success
    2.were in talks with 2 players who are out of contract in the summer (my guess wud be larrson n elmander)
    3.all the money will be spent on players seemed very confident about this
    4. he is looking for young players with pace n trickery, n have value for money
    5.he admitted he got it terribly wrong at stoke
    6.havent began talks with jose yet because jose n his agent wont talk about new deal till we are safe

  • Jammydodger

    Mar 28, 2011 at 9:48 PM

    Comment #14

    Toon andy thats quality,

    Impressed with Williamson, nothing spectacular and does make mistakes but so does every cb in the league, first half of season was getting nufty assists only wasnt scoring because of obvious other targets in the box

    Elmander! why does everyone on here think its a good idea to go for him? Cus we’ll get him cheap?
    17 goals in 3 seasons less than 6 goals a season, hes 29 so in twilight years of his career.
    We potentially have 30m + to spend and you all want a swedish version of ameobi?? Rather bleed in Airey Ranger and Donaldson, also look at elmanders’ wiki page, personification of the word ponce

  • MacToon

    Mar 28, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    Comment #15

    2.were in talks with 2 players who are out of contract in the summer (my guess wud be larrson n elmander)

    Nope, that would not be allowed, we will have to be in talks with players outside of the premiership who’s contracts run out in the summer and we could get them to sign a pre-signing deal before then.


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