Newcastle’s New Strip Will Help Financial Position Too

We had an article out when we were sent what could be Newcastle new Puma strip for next season.

And since the same strip has been circulating on various football shirt Internet sites, it could even be accurate, maybe.

Why is the Puma crest not lower down, to be in line with the Newcastle crest?   That’s the main question  I would have, otherwise it looks fairly  decent, but we have yet to see the pants and socks that go with the shirt.

In Newcastle’s current situation, it is probably a decent financial decision to bring out a new strip this summer, although we liked all three strips Puma brought out 15 months ago, and the training gear looks good too.

We assume there will three new strips being brought out in the summer, and maybe new training gear as well?

But since Newcastle negotiated the two year deal with Puma when they were still in the Championship, it cannot be too good a deal for the club.

It seems good sense that the initial deal was only for a couple of seasons too, so that next summer Newcastle should be in a better position to get a much improved deal from Puma, when hopefully Newcastle could have qualified for Europe.

All of this will help significantly with Newcastle’s financial position, which should be improving big time over the next couple of seasons.

And we look forward  to Newcastle being one of the top 20 richest football clubs in the world, when the rankings come out again next February.

The comeback of Newcastle United, from the dark dark days of  the summer of  2009, seems well on track.

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