Kenny Dalglish Has It All Wrong About Andy Carroll

Kenny Dalglish has at least realized that Andy Carroll is no longer adored on Tyneside, and could come in for some abuse on Sunday afternoon at Anfield.

Andy Carroll – joined Liverpool for the big money

Andy Carroll elected to leave Newcastle for much bigger money at Liverpool last January, and Newcastle fans were hardly delighted at what the Gateshead-born striker did – once the real truth came out, and the spin that Andy had put on the move – that he was forced out – was laid bare.

He was hardly forced out of the club.

In the passionate world of Newcastle fans they want local lads to stay at their club, and be great for Newcastle – not for some other club who can pay big money – both in transfer fees and wages.

This is what Kenny Dalglish said today:

“They will do whatever they want,” “It won’t take away from what he has done for their football club and it won’t take away what the football club meant to Andy.”

“Newcastle supporters will do whatever they want to do and it is a compliment really, in a strange way, if you get abuse because it means you must’ve been important to them.”

“I’m sure when Newcastle signed Alan Shearer they didn’t give too much consideration to Blackburn Rovers fans but that’s football. What goes around comes around.”

“I don’t know what they will do on Sunday but if, as a player, you don’t get abuse off your old supporters then they can’t have been too disappointed that you left. I think the boy is expecting something.”

The example about Alan Shearer leaving Blackburn for Newcastle is hardly a good like to like comparison with what happened to Andy, and why the Geordie fans were and are upset.

Alan Shearer was born and bred in Newcastle – Gosforth to be exact – and he even turned down Manchester United to join his home town club in 1996, and played 404 times for the Magpies and is now the scoring leader of all time with 206 goals, beating another local lad – Jackie Milburn, who scored 200 goals for Newcastle.

Andy had the chance to become the third local Geordie number 9 legend, but went for the money instead.

Andy Carroll is almost the other way round compared to Alan Shearer – as the 22 year-old was signed by the club when he was really young, whereas Shearer was signed up by Southampton when he was just 15, after playing for Newcastle schoolboys.

And was signed when young by Newcastle, and became an England International and was handed the famous Newcastle number 9 shirt only last summer, when he was still only 21.

But he elected to leave the Newcastle club, after saying countless times it was the only club he ever wanted to play for, and that he was living his dream on Tyneside.

Add to that that he seems to have gone for the money – £80K/week – and that’s why the fans were disappointed in Andy, who may still be living his dream – it’s just a more lucrative dream on Mersyside.

Andy was born and bred on Tyneside and supported Newcastle as a child, and we suppose he still does, whereas Alan Shearer was not born and bred in Blackburn.

Andy Carroll also had every right to join Liverpool, that was his choice – but actions have consequences and now Carroll is hardly in the loving affections of Newcastle fans.

It seems that just like Michael Owen didn’t want to really know the reason he was booed at St. James’ Park last week, let’s at least get it right as to the reason why Newcastle fans were upset at Andy Carroll.

For the record,  Andy played 91 times for Newcastle with 33 goals.

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