Nolan And Barton To Sign New Contracts Soon?

One of the things that we’ve been impressed with Alan Pardew, is that his man management skills seem very good.

Joey Barton – a leader on Tyneside

My former best man is a Southampton supporter back in England, and he said as much when Newcastle signed Pardew to replace Chris Hughton, and Pardew has done well since coming in.

And Alan seems to have struck up a good relationship with many of  the Newcastle leaders at the club – captain Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Steve Harper and of course Joey Barton, whom he’s given massive support to since December.

Joey is a very important player for Newcastle, and we expect very soon – this week even – for Kevin Nolan to sign his new contract at Newcastle and Joey to follow suit shortly after that – that’s the hope anyway.

The goal now at Newcastle this season is to try to finish in the top half of the league table,  and that may even be possible if Newcastle can beat WBA at home in the last match of the season.

This is what Joey told the local Newcastle press corps today:

“We have not surprised ourselves.” “We believed in the squad and the group that we could achieve what we have achieved and maybe if one or two things had gone our way we might have done a little bit better.”

“Next season is going to be as difficult a season, if not a lot more difficult because teams will respect you a little bit more and the Cup final atmosphere of every game goes.” “It is going to be a lot more difficult that what it has been this season.”

“The test is on us to improve individually and as a collective to move forward.” “Individuals win nothing and achieve nothing – thankfully we have a good squad mentality and a good rapport between ourselves and we have been able to propel ourselves up the table the last few months.”

“We have a tough game against Chelsea and then a difficult game against West Brom.” “Listen, the most pleasing thing for us is achieving survival, which was our goal at the start of the season. We have mathematically achieved that now.”

Things have been made even tougher at the end of the season with all the injuries Newcastle players have picked up, but there was news in the last day or two that both Leon Best and vice-captain Alan Smith may be able to return before the end of the season, and that would be very good.

It was two weeks ago that captain Kevin Nolan said he would sign his new contract either last week or this week, and that it was almost done and dusted, so that’s a big event we are looking forward to.

Once Kevin signs along the dotted line, we have to hope that Joey will commit long term to Newcastle, and those would be two big signings before this summer’s transfer window even opens.

Maybe Newcastle will even announce the two contract signings of Kevin and Joey  together – that would be something.

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  • Xavi

    May 11, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Comment #1

    and with signing nolan and barton goes a little bit of the 35 million we got from the carroll transfer.

    i want them to sign but i also want maximum money available for desperately needed transfers


    May 11, 2011 at 10:07 AM

    Comment #2

    Xavi- if Nolan and Barton left how much more of the 35 million would it take to replace them? This is a good move to get the two signed up. People say Nolans legs have gone but he knows where the net is. Where would we be without his goals this year?
    Stay positive and keep the faith.

  • Xavi

    May 11, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    Comment #3

    maybe you didnt read my post properly. i said i want them to sign.

    I have faith in smart and ambitious people. so obviously i dont have faith in ashley.

  • partizanovec

    May 11, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Comment #4

    This story is dragging few months now. Sign them already!

  • lewytoon

    May 11, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    Comment #5

    how long are there contracts? and who has heard anything about adel taarabt signing?

  • Bell

    May 11, 2011 at 10:41 AM

    Comment #7

    just get them signed up already!!

    im hoping for a good summer window, but i dont want to be loosing all the good players here at newcastle!


  • roshan MAGPIE

    May 11, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    Comment #9

    i guess nolan and barton will sign BEFORE THE season ends

  • jwheelie12

    May 11, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    Comment #10

    Seriously I have read this article about 25 times now?


    May 11, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    Comment #11

    The longer this drags on the more I am concerned that perhaps all is not as well behind the scenes with these 2 players? I think that at least one of them will leave, perhaps even both? That’s just my reading of it though!

  • lewytoon

    May 11, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    Comment #12

    yeah its a slow day for comments and articles

  • Rotonda heights

    May 11, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    Comment #13

    The trouble is where is anyone new going to play if one or both of them don’t make way.

    A real lack of pace has found us really wanting and I don’t know if we can continue to play both , especially with Ben Arfa returning and maybe other younger, fitter players coming in.

    New contracts would take them both in to their mid 30’s and they’re aren’t getting any younger or quicker. TBH they are good mid table players.

  • bills-son

    May 11, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    Comment #14

    Rotonda heights – you judge the strength of a team by the number of good players you have on the bench.

    Thats why we need to keep Nolan and Barton and sign at least two other midfield players with pace.

    Pro’s might not like sitting on the bench – but you ask any good pro and he’ll tell you that they want a strong squad and real competition for places.

    We haven’t had enough of either this season – so Ashley, get em signed up and Pardew get some good players in!


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