Dimitar Berbatov Says He’s Going Nowhere

Well it would have been great if it had happened, but it looks like Dimitar Berbatov will not be arriving at Newcastle – at least not this summer.

Dimitar Berbatov – I’m going nowhere

The Bulgarian super-star told a Bulgarian web-site yesterday that he had no plans to leave the Premier League Champions and Old Trafford.

Dimitar was left out of the squad for the European Champions League final last Saturday, in spite of the 20 PL goals he scored that won him the Golden Boot this year with Carlos Tevez.

And to make things even worse, he was left out of the squad and replaced by Michael Owen, a player who has had a career warming the bench in the two years since he left Newcastle.

And it looks like Michael will be doing the same thing next season,  as he has signed a one year extension.

Has anybody whispered in his ear that football players should really play football?

He’ll be a long time in retirement and now’s the time to play football, before it’s too late.

Dimitar has even apologized to his Bulgarian fans,  for not making the bench and this is what he said yesterday:

“I will stay. I will fight for the 20th title. If I were an easy quitter, I would never have made it this far. Everything at Manchester United starts from scratch for me on July 4.”

“I want to apologize to everyone for not taking part in the final. I hoped to make the whole of Bulgaria happy with my play. This did not happen and I can only say I am sorry for myself and for the Bulgarians, who expected to see me.”

“But there will be new finals and we will be fighting for new titles. I am moving ahead. When you go through difficult times, you should not quit.”

It seems that Dimitar is a mature footballer, as he stayed in the dressing room to watch the game on Saturday.

He probably would have shown his disappointment if TV cameras had been able to focus in on him during the game – which they would have done of course.

The 30 year-old goal scoring machine continued:

“The truth is that I stayed at the dressing room and watched the Champions League final there, on a TV screen. I was really disappointed. I was ashamed that I was not part of the team and did not want people to see how sad I feel.”

Dimitar has one year left on his contract,  so there will be many top clubs next summer trying to sign up the free agent.

Whether one of them will be Newcastle United. we have no idea.

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