Alan Pardew Still Hopeful On New Contract For Joey Barton

Alan Pardew has said last night he is still hopeful that Joey Barton could sign a new deal that keeps him on Tyneside beyond next summer.

Joey Barton – could he get a new deal on Tyneside?

Joey has one year left on his contract,  and seems determined to stay on Tyneside for that year, and this is what Newcastle manager  Pardew had to say about Joey last night:

“The important thing for him is that he sees the squad has quality.”“We can keep him where he was last year, another season. “

“Who is to say we can’t agree a deal?”  “He wants success. If we can give him that on the pitch, I think he could stay.”

You’ve got to think that Alan is talking to Mike Ashley on Joey Barton, and he would hardly be saying these things if there was no chance of Joey getting a new deal on Tyneside.

However, Joey has also been put up for sale for £4M, so we’re not really sure what to think – but Joey would do well to stop those tweets.


Alan doesn’t seem to be so positive on Jose Enrique, as he had this to say about the Spaniard:

“No one is more keen for him to stay than me. His desire to play Champions League football at his age means it is difficult to keep him. We must keep watching and hope it falls our way.”

The most recent news is that Liverpool will try to take him, maybe this week, but they are not in Europe next season, and they may find it hard to match Newcastle’s bumper five year deal the club have offered Jose to stay at Newcastle.

We’d love it if both players could stay on at Newcastle for the next several seasons – just love it!

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  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    Comment #1

    if only,would be good news

  • barryvenison

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    Comment #2

    really starting to wonder how all the eternal optimists are going to be able to argue with sense anymore?

  • Spike

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    Comment #3

    Didn’t S Taylor get transfer listed after failing to agree a new contract, but ended up staying?

    I know it’s not quite the same as Joey Barton hasn’t been offered a new contract since the one he rejected in January, and that its really only been the past season that he has proved his worth after ending up in jail, the Man city loyalty payment etc, but if he was offered a contract in January he must be in with a chance next January.

    He just needs to stop the twattering because the ones about the club are doing him no favours with the fat man.

  • barryvenison

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:46 AM

    Comment #4

    Really glad we sold Carroll otherwise we wouldn’t even be able to sign free agents….

  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:53 AM

    Comment #5

    if we dont spend,we will be lucky to be in the top half of the league,sorry lads just how i see it.

  • free giveaways

    Jul 5, 2011 at 12:53 AM

    Comment #6

    Lol yeah exactly barryvenison. So glad we got that £35m to spend on payer wages, agent fees and under soil heating for the training ground.

  • free giveaways

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    Comment #7

    15th highest average attendance in Europe last season, Sky TV money, lots of club merchandise sold as usual, £35m for Carroll but I bet we won’t spend more than £15m on transfer fees this summer.

  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:09 AM

    Comment #8

    you will never challenge the top 7 or so with free transfers no way.

  • nick_9

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:12 AM

    Comment #9

    Agree with what freegiveaways and barryvennison are saying. In January I would never have swapped Carroll for the three players we have brought in. Carroll was a local lad who could have been massive for us, none of the new recruits have even kicked a ball yet but some people seem to think we’ve done great business. Each to their own, time well tell. I’m not happy with Pardew at all, he comes across as a pr1ck in my opinion. The bloke was on the back foot from the start and is looking increasingly more like a yes man, if Barton and Jose leave after Carroll and Nolan that’s all our best players from last season. With Collo getting on he will be next. Don’t see how some of yous can be so optimistic, I don’t know maybe I’m to suspicious. Ed stop addind up the wages players will sign for the length of their contracts, it’s absolute sh1t and is pi55ing me off. We don’t pay all their wages this year but we received all the 30 million for Carroll this year. Its a bit irrelevant because it comes out another years revenue not the Carroll money. If Ashley is taking their wages for the length of their contract then we can deduct 52 x 60k for marveaux and ba from next seasons costs, absolute rubbish. Don’t forget we don’t have Carrolls, Kuqis, irelands, nolans and Campbell wages on our books anymore so how much has that saved? Must be 150k a week for Campbell, kuqi, Ireland and Nolan alone. Surely Ba, Cabaye and marveaux aren’t much over that? Possibly 60k each meaning we now spend 30k a week more?

  • Davies

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:15 AM

    Comment #10

    I’d be quite happy to see Barton sold. He gets on my last nerve with his continual commentary. Sure, he’s entitled to his opinion, but so is every other player. I don’t remember hearing anybody else moaning.

    Bye bye, Joey, you pain in the backside. Take your one good season, jail time (on full pay), your annoying habit of dragging our club’s name through the mud and annoy somebody else’s fans.

  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:16 AM

    Comment #11

    nick_9 spot on mt8

  • TheHeyman

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    Comment #12

    The 35m probably has to last two more transfer windows 🙂

  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:21 AM

    Comment #13

    its the oweners who drag our club down with there bull shit,and a manger with no balls.

  • barryvenison

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:25 AM

    Comment #14

    Ashley’s goal is for us to survive in the prem while spending at little as possible. He loves a gamble and we’re forced to watch him do it with our club. Sad state of affairs really.

  • boater

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:27 AM

    Comment #15

    Some sense on here at last! People saying how our squad is so much better off even though it’s all been done on the cheap… I hope so, but we are replacing known quantities with untested – in some case longterm injured players that will be set to form the spine of the new team. Carroll (11), Nolan (12), Best (7) = 30 goals needing to be replaced.

    It’s now 7 of the past 9 signings were all free- a massive gamble we will be steady and able next season- tbh we don’t even know what Arfa will be like week in, week out- let alone the ‘new’ boys – everyone seems so sure though. It’s a massive gamble… should be exciting for the first few games, just hope they know what they are doing.

  • Pardew’s is lying for Ashley plain and simple. Cannot believe a word he says. He has been proven to lie from contradicting press statements and interviews.

    Ashley a proven liar and so is Pardew. Cannot stand liars and bs’ers.

  • nick_9

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:30 AM

    Comment #17

    Maybe I was a bit harsh on Ed, he’s only reporting his opinion and its his blog so I apologise. I just don’t see how people can claim that Ba will earn say 3million a year for 5 years so that’s 15 million out of the revenue we received this year, makes no sense whatsoever. Guess I’m just becoming increasily annoyed, we have tough opening games and will need a bit of passion. The three amigos and the English lads (Barton, Carroll and Nolan) pretty much motivated the rest when times got hard, not to discredit Hughton or Pardew but they were the motivators and our driving force. The Liverpool game showed they had control over the rest of the players and most managers would probably of had the same results under those players.

    Signing Gosling, Arfa, Ba, Ireland and Maraeux whilst they were injured or returning from injury is risky business and a little to risky for my liking. Add that to panic loaness such as Kuqi and Campbell it really shows the man isn’t as smart as we make out. Correct me if I’m wrong but so far the only signings in recent years to have worked is tiote? Arfa looked ok in his short time but it was still early to judge and will he be the same player he was?

  • boater

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:35 AM

    Comment #18

    barryvenison – aye right. Ashley still holds a grudge against the fans for the protests. He has had more than enough chances to win us back too… wouldn’t take much, we’re that daft. But he seems hell bent on doing otherwise.

    Singing section removed, popular key figures jettisoned, strong arm tactics towards players running to the end of contracts, journalists banned, practically no communication with supporters. It’s all pretty iron fist.

  • RUNAWAY777

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:36 AM

    Comment #19

    see what today bring,nite lads.

  • Sholameobi

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    Comment #20

    Is anyone else annoyed the scum have signed Craig gardener? I think he’d be a good edition to the squad and would bring in much needed goals from midfield as we would have only cabaye having a decent scoring record and he still wouldn’t fill that void. Has a bit of grit for the tougher games like Stoke away and at 4.5 million. Don’t think the risk on Connor ickham was justified I personally believe he could be the next Francis Jeffers

  • Listening to Pardew at the minute and he’s talking about Barton and again it’s pr bs. The club have not offered him (Barton) a contract so how can Joey sign it? It doesn’t exist, If Pardew really wants him to stay, as he says he does then he should make sure there’s a contract on the table for him!

  • Ben-Arfa11

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:39 AM

    Comment #22

    Everyone seems to have an opinion about the summer transfers and especially about how newcastle united are operating.

    My opinion is as follows:

    The benefits of our new transfer policy is pretty good

    i like the players that we brought in the likes of cabaye and ba and marveaux and albeid but especially the signing of cabaye as you get the feel that he is top notch quailty and im happy that we are going for those kinda players especially when our rivals sunderland might be spending big money but are spending big money on championship cream not european cream like we are so it seems sensible that way.

    but like most fans on this site im totally outraged about the 35 million not been spent and saying it has been spent is nothing but ridicolous

    i would be very happy if they continued with there transfer policy

    but why not buy pacy and quailty players

    zogbia-9 million
    sturridge-15 million
    erdinic-7 million

    thats 31 million and use the other 4 million on some of there wages

    im not a selfish man im an ambitious man and want to see my beloved team be ambitious with a good transfer plan

    there is no problem spending big money but only on good players like zogiba not gold diggers like owen and boumsong just to name a few.

    newcastle seem to go on about wages that is absoutly bullshi*

    newcastle could sell perch xisco smith nolan(sold) barton and enrqiue look at all the wages that cud be saved from all of those players

    so if we sell most of those players this season then that certainly would mean we have payed ba cabaye marveaux and albeid wages from all of those players

    so where is the outlay this season on player transfers

    and what if carroll wasnt sold in january wouldnt that mean we would have no cash atall to spend this summer???

    people go on about the 35 million but what about a budget for the season included the 35 million nearly everyone has a certain budget for the season sure brighton just got promoted and spent 2.5 million on makeal smith today we get about 50 or 60 million a season been in the premiership where does all that money go of course it goes on paying debts paying wages but surely about 10 million wud be for player transfers

    if the 2 players that are supposdly coming in are taylor and erdinic

    the 2 of them are only worth about 8 million

    and with sale of enique iminent

    it sounds to me ashley is playing all toon fans for mugs

    dont care what ppl think on this

    im telling the truth and sooner ppl wise up the better to it

    im all for hungary cheap players coming in and not mercenarys

    but there is a word called ambition

    and we certainly dont got any of it

    i remember every summer before ashley arrived i looked forward to the summer for all different trasnfers but now its boring

    as we all know ashley is mean as f***k

    ohhhhhhhhh hate it 🙁


    Just incase you missed it, the interview from tonight, he’s on from about 30 minutes onwards.

  • From the other article – Pardews interview:
    “We have done more business than anyone else.”

    Silently hoping that means we have signed a few more players that havent been revealed yet…

  • boater

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:46 AM

    Comment #25

    sholameobi – To be honest I think Gardner would have been a good covering midfielder for us. I am more annoyed about Wickham and Dong.. Wickham is expensive, but a third of what Carroll reached and with the tools to be even better than him in 12 months… he won’t lose value and could sky rocket potentially.Think it would have been a good gesture to bring him in – just to give the fans a young english passionate striker they can get behind… or at least bid for him.

    Dong is a real talent, scored 4 in 3 internationals under Carr’s nose.. he reported back – but they wanted 2mil and Ashley balked – the mackems jumped in.. 2 mil! come on with all that money… again

  • nick_9

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:49 AM

    Comment #26

    Agreed Boater, Ashley constantly feels the need to let us know who is in charge. Its his club, he owns it and we can’t do a thing. We realise it. Surely poeple realise that yellow away kit back in the champ was also an attempted kick in the teeth? 😉 under Ashley we no longer idolise keegan despite him winning the tribuneral, shearer is now a shit manager who contributed to our downfall, hughton was actually that good and our top performers keep getting sold because of contract issues so fans turn on them like they have with anyone who has left or being linked with other clubs, When a player like Barton speaks out and tells us the truth it is him in the wrong? What worries me is how Pardew openly says he hopes we don’t receive big bids for our players because then we are in trouble, why say that? It just alerts everyone to the fact every player has a price. Look at Redknapp at Spurs, he’s tearing Chelsea to bits over their bid for Modric and is certain he won’t be leaving because players like Bale will follow. Redknapp wouldn’t stand for Ashleys crap. Every players does have a proce but why admit it? If we got offered twenty million for tiote I would take it if it bettered the squad, so far in my opinion the Carroll money hasn’t, it has just caused unrest.

  • 5 players? he’s said we have 5 new players? I don’t understand.

    Also he goes out of the way to mention just how much “free” signings actually are, what a ****.

  • barryvenison

    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    Comment #28

    after listening to that interview it’s become more and more clear why Ashley chose Pardew.

  • lol barry, he is total spin and I’ve gone back on 56 mins (approx) and he says 5 new players? Is he including the “new” striker he’s talking about at the time and that means our window is over once he’s in or what?

  • Listening to his comments on Nolan, He pretty much admits he has no control over who comes and goes…

    I reckon their are only 4 possible new captains at the squad to be honest…

    Who i think could possible be the new captain In no particular order are
    1. Steven Taylor
    – Young
    – Been at the club for a long time
    – Local Lad
    – Seen both Shearer and Nolan lead the team with class
    – English
    – Recently been Injury Prone
    – Might not be a definite Starter
    – Not really a big fan of the leader being in Defence

    – Arguably are best CB in recent years
    – Pretty Much a definite starter
    – Been at the club for 3 years now
    – Might not be at the club in a few years
    – Not really a big fan of the leader being in Defence
    – Might Not be as motivated if he is the last Amigo at the club

    – English
    – Did a good job when he captained the squad last season in nolans absence
    – Not afraid to challenge referee’s decision
    – Leader on and off the field
    – Gets on with the lads (Poker Night :P)
    – Might not be at the club
    – Might be a poor man’s Robbie Keane (getting sent off etc)

    – French – Could be useful if majority of our Midfield/Attack are french speakers
    – Central of the park, imo best area for a captain
    – Looks level headed, doubt he will be doing Robbie keanes
    – First Season at the Club
    – Might not adapt
    – Could have a negative effect on other candidates who were at the club longer
    – Might be unnecessary added pressure on his shoulders.

    Just my opinion…

  • By 5 new players he means


    Arfa and Gosling (Who barely played last seaeon due to injury)

  • He hinted at picking a captain that does the captains job on the pitch only and not behind the scenes aswell like what Nolan did, I don’t know who he means though but doesn’t sound like JB or Saylor imo who I think would be full on club captains.

  • Vive, not true m8 about the 5 you say as we have 4 new players in and both HBA and Gosling are not new. It’s very puzzling but he definately says 5! lol

  • But surely Abeid is one for the future and would not come into consideration as one of the 5 new first team players?

  • When he talks about Mevlut he says
    ” He is one of the players where we have no agreements with”

    Could that mean he isnt one of our targets? Possibly a smokescreen?

  • So I go back to the point HBA and Gosling are not new, they have both played for us already so it doesn’t make sense. It’s like having new players yes but that’s not what Pardew says.

  • Just reheard the part about 5 new players

    “We are starting the season with 5 new players”

    Could be that includes arfa and Gosling (yes they arnt new signings but they barely played last season that they will pretty much be LIKE new signings)

    Or means we are only going after 2 more players (Like he said) and therefore 5 new signings.

  • Gosling played 5 minutes. Arfa played nearly 1 whole game.

    Having them fit for atleast half a season would be like new signings to the club in the sense that we pretty much never used them last season. Yes they are not “New signings” i.e just joined the club. On another nore Arfa officially Joined in January and is therefore still relatively NEW.

  • but they are not new mate, if he tells me they are new I will call him a liar lmao Sometimes we have facts involved in this game and club of ours and other times it’s opinions, this time it is a fact we don’t have 5 new players.

    Maybe yes he’s planning on 2 more signings before the season starts, that seems like the possible meaning 😉

    and IF we don’t lose any more 1st team players then that might just be enough, might.

  • and IF it was 2 more players I’d say a forward (goal scorer) and a CB. No place for Zoggy there then.


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