Newcastle Beat Sunderland Yet Again!

Mike Ashley, like most Billionaires, had their fortunes ravaged a bit with the massive economic turmoil opf 2008.

Mike Ashley – now worth £1.3B

But Mike seems to have bounced back nicely in his finances, and by all accounts his business  is doing very nicely, thank you very much.

And even his other business – Newcastle United Football club – is also doing nicely,  with the Magpies currently 4th top of the Premier League – I just love writing that.

And Mike Ashley has again been named as the wealthiest man in North East football, and the Football magazine FourFourTwo has ranked Ashley the 10th richest man in British football.

Top man is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who owns Manchester City, with a fortune of £20B, followed by Alisher Usmanov of Arsenal with £12.4B, and then Lakshmi Mittal of QPR with £11.8B – so that’s why Joey went there.

Mike Ashley is listed with a total worth of £1.37B and he has increased his assets from a miserly £950M last year – so he’s a Billionaire again – and that’s good because it’s hardly nice being down with the poor people, like some of us.

Just a minute while I check my Piggy Bank – no – I don’t seem to have as much as Mike – my wife must have spent it all.

And Sunderland are once again the poor neighbors, with their American owner, Ellis Short,  ranked in 15th place,  with a fortune of only £1B, with the emphasis on only.

Former Newcastle striker Michael Owen, when he was fit and not playing for England, is also on the list and has risen to 66th place, although his worth has remained constant at only £40M.

Michael has also been known to make the Manchester United bench now and again,  since he joined them in the summer of 2009,  after Newcastle United had been relegated, and he flew away in his helicopter two days later.

Even though Michael is hardly ever seen playing in the Manchester United first team,  he is said to earn around £2M a year from his Umbro contract,  but he earns very little from the Red Devils.

That’s because he’s on a pay as you play deal, and since he very rarely plays,  he cannot be earning much. Certainly  his star has continued to fall since leaving Newcastle United in June of 2009.

Newcastle will be a very successful club if Mike Ashley can raise the value of the Newcastle United brand across the world, and since the value is often synonymous with how successful Newcastle are, we hope Mike can make the north-east club very successful indeed.

And come to think of it, we’re not making too  bad a go of it so far this season under Mike Ashley, that’s for sure.

In February,  Deloitte releases their annual revenue reports for the top European clubs, and the closer Newcastle can get to revenues of £100M – the better.

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