Omens Are Very Good For Newcastle

Martin Tyler has reported that a team that is in 4th place after 7 games usually end up in a good league position.

Indeed Martin had this to say to Sky Sports about Newcastle’s current high league position:

“In each of the last four seasons, the team that has been fourth at the end of the seventh Premier League match-day has gone on to finish the season in fourth place. So the omens are good for Newcastle supporters.”

“As you can see from the list below, every team that has been in fourth place at the end of the seventh round of fixtures has finished the season in the top half of the table.”

“I am looking forward to seeing how Newcastle get on against Tottenham in my next commentary game in a couple of week’s time.”

Here is the list of teams in the Premier Lague who were in 4th place after 7 games and where they ended up:

1992/93 Man Utd 1st
1993/94 Coventry 11th
1994/95 Man Utd 2nd
1995/96 Arsenal 5th
1996/97 Man Utd 1st
1997/98 Leicester 10th
1998/99 West Ham 5th
1999/00 Leeds 3rd
2000/01 Liverpool 3rd
2001/02 Man Utd 3rd
2002/03 Tottenham 10th
2003/04 Birmingham 10th
2004/05 Bolton 6th
2005/06 Tottenham 5th
2006/07 Portsmouth 9th
2007/08 Liverpool 4th
2008/09 Arsenal 4th
2009/10 Tottenham 4th
2010/11 Arsenal 4th
2011/12 Newcastle ?

Only four teams in that list of 20 finished out of the top six in the league, when positioned in 4th position after 7 league games, as Newcastle are now.

That’s a very good omen for Newcastle,  and of course the next game against Tottenham at home on October 16th is shaping up to be very important game for the team.

A win in that game would suggest we have an excellent chance of finishing in a decent league position this season, but we’d also take a draw against Spurs too.

But we’ll not get carried away too much with Newcastle’s excellent start to the season,  but the Tottennham game will be a very good test for our boys, that’s for sure.

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