Pardew – Newcastle Have To Work Even Harder Now

Alan Pardew has been drumming it into his players over this last week that there can be no let-up against Wigan today.

Alan Pardew – we can’t let up

The Newcastle manager is afraid some over-confidence may creep  into today’s game against Wigan, and he wants his Newcastle side to show the same drive they showed against a very good Spurs side last week.

And Pardew also has had the added problem that the news in the press this week has been very positive about both him and the players, and that’s unusual to be sure.

The good news is that after their excellent performance last Sunday, the Newcastle side Pardew has created could turn out to be the real thing.

Alan simply says the lads must now work harder to keep up their good form, and they must play at or near their best this afternoon to get the win, because that’s what good teams do – play at the same intensity whatever the strength of the opposition.

Well, Alan’s right there, and the news is that he’s delved back into history, about how the fans were when Newcastle had good teams in the past, under both Kevin Keegan and Bobby Robson.

These are the comments Alan made to the local press corps today:

“I’m aware with this club and this city, that it is very important you prepare for the next game properly,”  

“This city has a tendency to have a good time when the football team does well and that’s good, but we can’t show any reduction in the intensity and work rate that has got us these good results.

“Getting a pat on the back from the press and our fans, that’s good, that’s the best way to be, but you have to take it and work harder.”  “We have to be able to overcome that, the top teams overcome that every week probably.”

“It’s nice, it’s something new we have to get used to and deal with. If we are easing off, the indicators will be are we running as fast, as far? Will we hit the targets we set in the game.

“It would be great if we can have the stadium roaring for us all game, but you can’t change the periods of the game where you have a bad five minutes.”  

“I could sense a little bit of that last weekend against Spurs in the first-half.”  ” We had to come through it. We had to be strong and we had to get them back on-side.”

We just love that Alan is so down to earth, and he’s not unlike Chris Hughton, in that he drums it into the players that the next game is a different game, no matter what happened in the last game, and you take just one game at a time.

Well Chris did great at Newcastle with that guidance, and it seems Hughton is starting to work his wonders at Birmingham City too, and they are now doing well in both the Championship and the Europa Cup, and they beat Club Brugge 2-1 in Belgium on Thursday evening, for their second successive win in that competition.

A Newcastle win is what’s expected  this afternoon, and we’d like to see Newcastle take all 3 points, but also with a commanding performance, where they continue to work their tails off for the side.

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  • GeordieGerman

    Oct 22, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    Comment #1

    Do SKY no what they are talking about? On SKY new’s the sports anchorman has just said NUFC could move up to 3rd. equal with Chelsea. I know that Wigan aren’t doing that well at the Moment. But for us to win 6-0?


    Oct 22, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Comment #2

    Howay lads lets keep on rolling those results out, keep our eyes on the prize, give wigan enough respect so we don’t get caught underestimating them but not enough that we don’t try to trounce them!


    Oct 22, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    Comment #4

    gg- they must be the same one’s that were saying we could beat wigan 9-0 and krul would get 2 assists by running down the wing taking there whole midfield and defence on before sliding the ball to hba to score(i know that blogger was jesting by the way) ha ha! It’s possible but unlikely much like chelsea losing today!


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