Alan Pardew Thanks Newcastle Fans For Inspiring Support

Alan Pardew gave immense credit to the Newcastle crowd for the win yesterday against Everton.

Ryan Taylor accosted by Leon Best after scoring wonder goal

As we had expected the attendance of 50,671 was the biggest of the season, and just 2,000 short of capacity.

And one reason for that was the club selling almost 4,000 additional season tickets over the last couple of weeks at a discount price, to their existing season ticket holders.

Iy was a difficult game and Newcastle won ugly, as they say, but 3 points is 3 points and whether we play great like at Stoke on Monday or we were a little mediocre like yesterday – it’s still 3 points.

Alan Pardew was quick to make sure the fans at the game were thanked for their great support throughout the game yesterday,.

Ot was a game when the result was in doubt right up until that final whistle blew – because Everton are famous for scoring late goals during games, and of course we know the players never give up.

The final whistle brought  enormous relief of fans around the world, and Alan admitted fortune was on the side of Newcastle yesterday:

“We were unfortunate today as injuries cost us our rhythm but the guys who came on did a great job.”

“If we were at Goodison Park we would have got beat today. But the fans helped us.”

“Their support got us across the line,” “We wouldn’t have got that result at Goodison. They would have beaten us or certainly got a draw.”

“They help us and pull us through. They are absolutely brilliant, our fans, and we certainly don’t take them for granted.”

“Our defending was a different class in the second half and it was one of our best displays.”

“When Everton scored just before half-time it affected us but our discipline and defending has got us a victory.”

“I hope the Toon enjoy it tonight. We are a new team, we didn’t expect to be on this run but we are enjoying it.”

“We’ve got Manchester City next, who are also unbeaten, so that could be a great game.”

Newcastle were briefly second after yesterday’s game, until Manchester United beat Sunderland 1-0 at Old Trafford.

But the Red Devils  made very hard work of that game to get the 3 points, and  Sunderland were unlucky not to get something out of the game.

And it wasn’t much easier for Chelsea either, who scraped by 1-0 against Blackburn at Ewood Park, and that was Blackburn’ 7th defeat in 11 league games and the calls for manager Steve Kean to resign from the Blackburn fans is the big thing at Ewood Park these days.

Newcastle have won 7 games and drawn four  in the league so far, for their best start to a season for at least 16 years, and now we face Man City, Man United and Chelsea on successive Saturdays starting at City in two weeks times.

We wonder how many points Newcastle can get out of those three games against the best teams in the Premier League?

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