Renaming Of St. James’ Park A Fantastic Opportunity For Brands

An expert in brands and advertising, who was unofficially consulted by Newcastle, before they made the decision to sell the naming rights of St. James’ Park, thinks it’s a fantastic opportunity for both Newcastle and sponsor alike.

St. James’ Park

Jonathan Gabayis  a marketing adviser to some of the world’s top companies, and because of the Tyneside fan support, the good name of Newcastle United,  and the fantastic St. James’ Park stadium itself, he thinks  sponsors will be quickly in line to get the naming rights to the famous stadium.

Jonathan also thinks the deal could bring up to £10M a year into the Newcastle coffers, which Managing Director Derek LLambias  has said will be reinvested into the club, but let’s hope that promise is kept better than the one that was made to reinvest the Andy Carroll cash.

Although, to be fair, there’s still time to use that Andy Carroll cash, and it seems some transfer money will be used in January, but exactly how much, we don’t know.

And Jonathan doesn’t think the fans’ distress at the decision or their anger at losing the St. James’ Park name, which has been linked with Newcastle for over 120 years, will  dissuade sponsors from coming forward:

“It’s a good decision because of what it’s going to do,” “I couldn’t say what sort of company will come forward. That’s not for me to say but I think there will be a lot of brands that realise the opportunity.”

“I already believe sponsors will know what a great place the North East is – the region, the football, the fans – and being associated with that is a fantastic opportunity for brands.”

“If there were a suitable brand then I couldn’t see how it can be something that the fans wouldn’t like if the money would be put back in the club to help them do even better,”

“In principle, we’ve got a fantastic area and a fantastic club and fans. This could be a great relationship and a great collaboration.”

“No-one is going to forget about St James’ Park but it’s now about a shrewd brand teaming up with a fantastic area of England.” “When you’ve got a community like that, who wouldn’t want to be associated with it?”

“At this time right now, it’s not about cynicism. This is the time for optimism. It’s about looking forward to a fantastic opportunity.”

Since  Gabayis  has consulted with Newcastle on the naming rights of St. James’ Park,  it’s hardly surprising that he’s all for it, since that’s what he will have told Mike Ashley and Derek LLambias.

We shudder to think which companies will come forward to become potential sponsors, and couldn’t  quite take St. James’ Park being renamed Tesco Stadium or Facebook Arena.

But IBM Park has a certain lilt to it, come to think of it – where’s Sam Palmisano’s telephone number? 😀

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