LLambias Blasts Barton – Joey Tweets Insults Back At Newcastle Chief

We didn’t think Joey Barton showed much class with his comments yesterday, as he blasted Mike Ashley and Derek LLambias.

Gary Speed – committed suicide over the weekend

And the unfortunate thing was that Barton’s classless comments were made in a week when the football world and the Newcastle club are mourning  the loss of Gary Speed, who was a real gentleman both on and off the pitch.

And we mentioned that Joey had better be careful as some of his comments were close to the mark,  in his personal criticism of the two men running the Newcastle club.

Llambias today blasted the timing of Barton’s comments, and he issued this statement:

“In a week when one of Newcastle United’s most beloved footballers passed away, it is disappointing that once again Joey Barton makes the headlines.”

“It is also unfortunate that Joey chose to draw such a disparaging comparison between himself and the employees of Sports Direct, who through hard work and dedication are the recipients of one of the most generous bonus schemes in UK retailing.”

“It may not be a lot of money to Joey, but over 2,000 Sports Direct employees earning £20,000 will receive shares worth over £44,000 over the next two years.”

“However, in this week of all weeks, we really do not wish to engage in a public war of words with Joey Barton.”  “Our legal advisors are dealing with the matter now and we would encourage Joey to concentrate on his football at Queens Park Rangers.”

“Our thoughts and attentions this week remain firmly with the family and friends of Gary Speed.”

It will not surprise us if Newcastle now  take some legal action against Joey Barton for his remarks this week, which were uncalled for, especially when that peiod is now behind the club.

Newcastle, through good luck or good management are doing very well this season, thank you very much.

But Joey has already had this to say on his Twiiter account:

“Seen Llambas comments, he is crass and has no class. Ill leave it for another day but if he wants to take a polygraph live on tv, lets do it”

“Not only do I have insurmountable amounts of proof(texts etc et) but also about 6 others players who will concur. Am ready when u r Derek…”

“If he’s worried now, him and his fat mate should be sh*tting it, if I decide to write a book. There’ll be no holding back on those 2 muppets”

I’m sorry but those above tweets of Joey’s are simply unacceptable, unprofessional and uncalled for.

Joey  came to Newcastle with the name of being a trouble-maker, and he left Newcastle the same way,  after seeming to get his life and career back together,  after he was sentenced to six months in jail in the summer of 2008, and actually served 77 days of that sentence for assault.

But since Joey started that twitter account of his last May, he makes statements that cause headlines all the time, and often seems out of control, and we thought the FA was going to tell their players to lay off using social media?

The twitter account to Joey is like a bottle of whiskey to an alcoholic.

Joey doesn’t like LLambias and Ashley and they don’t like Joey – but can we please just leave it at that.

There are more important things in life, believe me – I know.

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