Pardew – Newcastle Not So Crazy Now

Alan Pardew talked on Thursday to the press about his first year in charge at Newcastle, which has been very successful.

Alan Pardew – took over a bit of a crazy club

With seven new players coming in over the summer, and four top players having departed Newcastle this year,  Alan Pardew has created a new-look team on Tyneside, and one that tries to win every single game.

Alan promised attacking football when he first arrived at Newcastle a year ago, and he has delivered on that promise.

This is what Alan said about coming to Newcastle:

“It’s such a huge club, there were no doubts in my mind about coming here.” “It was a bit tongue in cheek when I said about other managers telling me I was crazy to take the job.”

“They said what was I doing it for? They were pleased for me, but they said, ‘You know what it’s like there? It’s a bit of a crazy club.”  “Well, we aren’t so crazy now.”

“There isn’t so much bad news coming out.” “When you come into a club, it’s important to make progress and we’ve managed to do that.”

“I’m really happy with the team, I’ve got a great set of players who fight every week to try and get the right result and for a Newcastle fan, that’s very, very important.”

“There have been more highs than lows. I’ve really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the future.”  “It’s about making sure we have a good product on the pitch for the fans.”

“I think they appreciate our team. We have to get through this difficult period caused by all the injuries, but if we do we could have a great season.”

“Is the job easier than I thought? No, but the end product is probably as good as I’d have hoped for in terms of where we are in the league.”

“It’s been eventful and demanding. I’d not expect anything else at a big club like this.”  “As a club, we’ve tried to do it the right way, and I’ve tried to put a team on the pitch that plays the game in the right manner.”

“I’ll never change my philosophy – that my teams have to be on the front foot, trying to win the game – and that has served us well.”

Alan has had to deal with his fair share of challenges at Newcastle over the last twelve months, and they started with Newcastle surprisingly selling Andy Carroll on the last day of last January’s transfer window.

That was after  the manager had told anybody who would listen,  that Newcastle would simply not sell, and then he had to explain the club’s decision to sell on the next day – February 1st.

And not for the first time or the last,  he was left on his lonesome to explain the actions of the Newcastle Board.

But of course Alan had said Newcastle would not sell before Liverpool came in with a daft offer of £35M up front in cool cash, and Newcastle took their money.

And at the moment that looks like a good deal for Newcastle and not so good a deal for Liverpool.

Remember that in the previous summer Stoke had bid £6M for Andy, which had been turned down.

But through the ups and downs, Pardew has been a very steady hand at the Newcastle wheel, and he has been able to get the majority of his players to play at their top form.

Those players include Tim Krul, Fab Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye, Sammy Ameobi, Leon Best and Demba Ba, and there are others too.

Alan’s overall record at Newcastle is 39 games played, 15 wins, 14 draws and 11 defeats for a win average of 38.5% and a loss average of 28.2%, which is not too bad.

We are hoping that record will get better by the end of the season, starting with a possible all 3 points at Carrow Road on Saturday, with what will be a patched up side, because of the current spate of injuries.

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  • joppadoni

    Dec 9, 2011 at 2:01 AM

    Comment #1

    wtf?you lot arent signing on tomorrow early are you?

  • joppadoni

    Dec 9, 2011 at 2:03 AM

    Comment #2

    ed, hope your well. x

  • swoopingmagpie

    Dec 9, 2011 at 3:00 AM

    Comment #3

    I think Pardew is trying to re – write history here to suit his masters. The team was doing very well before he came; ok there were some glitches but we were womping teams when we did get it right, had it not been for the shafting Chris recieved from our illustrious owner we would be in a position to win the league this season. We have done well but we would have done a lot better under Chris. They shot the stability we had and dismantled a promising team. Lets not forget that. And who said we are a crazy team – a lot of Southern dip sticks. Pardon me Mr Pardon but we are the Toon and if you don’t like it ship out of Toon. Don’t try to re – write the facts for a lot of gullible young twerps who are two timing sychophants.

  • chris_g

    Dec 9, 2011 at 4:04 AM

    Comment #4

    @swoopingmagpie – I disagree almost 100% with everything you said there, except that last bit about ‘gullible young twerps who are two timing sychophants’, which makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, so I don’t know whether I should agree with it or not.

    ps. If you want to use big words then you should at least try to spell them correctly. It should be ‘sycophants’ not ‘sychophants’.

  • Willo

    Dec 9, 2011 at 4:22 AM

    Comment #5

    @swoopingmagpie-Pardew has had the deck stacked against him from the very beginning and from what I can see has passed with flying colors. He deals everyday with an owner who will not pay for new talent to be brought in, constantly angers fans and a managing director who cannot keep his mouth shut. And Alan has done it all with poise and class especially when his hands are tied behind his back. Get behind the man and accept him as the leader of the team that is now on a better path.
    Howay the lads!

  • Charlietoon

    Dec 9, 2011 at 6:02 AM

    Comment #6

    @swooping magpie you are just a troll right? Win the league?? Really that just says it all. Your off your rocker.

    Chris got fired not for the games he was winning but for the games he was losing which were against the bottom ranked teams. None of us were keen on the decision at the time but Pards and the team have responded well.

  • Dannyo

    Dec 9, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    Comment #7

    People write crazy things when they’re up late, and u obviously have a case of the bullocks.

    Onto more important things.
    I’m excited about what Pardew can do with more options in the squad in the future, and what players will be targeted.
    Good times 🙂

  • Klatoon

    Dec 9, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    Comment #8

    “…we would have been in a position to win the league this year” really????????

  • GeordieGerman

    Dec 9, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    Comment #9

    I agree with every comment that has been wrote here except the first.

  • PureGeordie

    Dec 9, 2011 at 7:39 AM

    Comment #10

    great record by pards, 39 games is basically 1 whole season and that would have seen us come 6th in last years table, 1 point ahead of liverpool! 😀

  • ash1001

    Dec 9, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    Comment #11

    Ed, would just like to wish you well in your fight against the dreaded C, hope you pick up well, take care and look after yourselve, thanks as well to all your friends for keeping the site going.

    As to the subject of this post, personally I think AP and the players have done very well under what would appear to be very stressful circumstances. Colo and Cabaye show along with just about the rest of the playing staff are 110% behind AP and appreciate the part the fans play.

    As for the snipers on here, OK we may never take to Ashley, but without his money where would be be – just think about it, the NUFC trust tried but failed, god bless them, and theres no fairy godmothers about. SO WE AIN’T DOING TO BADLY- just support the team.

  • tooninspain

    Dec 9, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    Comment #12

    swoopingmagpie……your silence speaks volumes. Thanks for sparing us any more verbal diarrhoea.

  • JayToon4life

    Dec 9, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    Comment #13

    Lol this makes me laugh….I thought things were gettin better until I noticed that sports direct are selling the unwashed scumderland shirts how disrespectful of Mr fatboy cashley

  • stuart no9

    Dec 9, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    Comment #14

    wswoopingmagpie @ 3 ok , i know where your coming from m8. i was a big believer in CH.I thought he was doing a great job and would have achieved good things for the club. pardew was no ones first choice. Even today i am not convinced , (long term) i still have my doubts, however i have to concede that i am more than happy on what the team has achieved , and the contribution on pards part, even though it will take more than 12 games to convince me he is THE man.I understand your frustration regarding the treatment of CH, i feel the same, but life goes on and we have to accept decisions made by our owner , weather you hate him or not.
    ash1001@ 11 ” without ash s money where would we be” we would be where man city is today if it had not been for the greedy fat b,,,,,d wanting too much money for the club when he could have sold it, so they said F,,K HIM and bought mancity instead. and if ash hadnt bought the club someone else would have , simple as that I THANK HIM FOR NOTHING THE ONLY TIME I WILL THANK HIM IS WHEN HE SELLS AND F..KS OFF.

  • swoopingmagpie

    Dec 9, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    Comment #15

    Stuart no 9, I’m not so disallusioned that I can’t enjoy the success of the team under Pardew, but that should not lead us to forget what we could have achieved had Chris been encouraged and supported instead of being shafted. That goes back to Keegan too. The owner has walked over a few dead bodies to put in place his YES MAN , when I jump, say how high sycophants, who now run it. I don’t believe the unity of the team is matched by the unity of the club as a whole – the team obviously gather strengh from within themselves as all good players would, but this is not a club thing it is a team thing only; therein lies the weakness of the club. You can have team unity but that unity is undermined by the owner. What of the future ? It’s only a game when all is said and done, but I like to support my team when it projects sincerity and honesty in it’s dealings with the players and fans and upholds the traditions of our great club. Lying and deceit, greed and avarice, moronic attitudes to people; manipulation of people. Does that sound familier ? No my friends , we should not listen to those that re – write history, they will come a cropper one day. I have not spell checked this so if it does not reach the high level of those of superior intelligence, please accept my sincere apologies.


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