Newcastle To Have Virgin Money On Their Shirts Tonight?

Newcastle could meet Manchester United tonight with a new sponsor name on their shirts.

The new sponsor is Richard Branton’s Virgin Money who only recently took over Northern Rock, Newcastle’s previous sponsor.

The news in the local press today is that a deal has been agreed between Newcastle and Virgin Money and the deal is to take effect almost immediately, so it will be interesting to see if the lads  have Virgin Money on their shirts.

The game tonight against Manchester United is to be televised live around the world.

It seems almost surreal that owner Mike Ashley will have the name money on the shirts of the Newcastle United players.

A statement is expected on the Newcastle web-site some time today, that a deal has indeed been agreed, and we just hope it’s a decent deal as far as the money goes,  because our understanding was the club was getting a measly £2.5M a year from Northern Rock.

Northern Rock was sold to Richard Branson’s Virgin company in a £747M deal in November – after Northern Rock had gone bankrupt back in September of 2007, and was only saved by the UK governmental with taxpayer’s money.

As we mentioned earlier,  Northern  Rock brokered a £10m deal a year ago to sponsor Newcastle United for four years,  but that agreement could be terminated at any time, and we have to hope the new deal is at least twice that amount that will go into Newcastle’s coffers.

We’ll keep checking the Newcastle web-site today but we think it’s likely there will be Virgin Money emblem on the shirts tonight, and surely the lads can now win their first game with Virgin money’s backing. 😀

We wonder if Richard Branston would like to buy a football club?

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