Andy Carroll Rumors Are Simply Nonsense

The stories this week that Newcastle may have a cut price deal to get Andy Carroll back to Newcastle are simply made-up nonsense.

Andy Carroll – when he singed for Liverpool just less than a year ago

The news is that Liverpool were offering Carroll back to Newcastle for £20M, and then the story was Newcastle would take him back for £10M.

But one simple question – why on earth would Liverpool sell And back to Newcastle now and lose at least £15M on him?

It would say that Liverpool knew they had made a big mistake, and then Dalglish would be in bit trouble with the American owners, and rightly so for wasting their money.

But as Kenny Dalglish again said after last night’s Reds 1-0 win at the Etihad Stadium against Manchester City in the semi-final first leg of the Carling Cup,  there is simply no foundation for the stories, and he ‘s right.

This is what Kenny said after the game last night, when he was asked if the rumors could unsettle big Andy:

“I am worried about the people that invent them,” “You have absolutely no foundation whatsoever for the stories.

“I don’t need to justify what is in the paper. I have stood up – and always will stand up – for the players.”

“You justify your profession and you justify the story.”

Andy had a couple of chances last night but couldn’t get a goal, although Liverpool with Steven Gerrard back in the starting eleven look a much better side, as they did at Anfield when Steven came on and changed the game against the Magpies in Liverpool’s favor.

We must say that Carroll looks a little lost in the Liverpool side, and he’s shown very little of the form that made him a top player at Newcastle, and he has only four goals in 22 appearances this season.

The £35M striker is having trouble justifying that price tag, but in the future if Liverpool want to cut him loose, we think Newcastle could be in for the player.

But Newcastle (make that Mike Ashley) would pay no more than £10M for him, and of course that would have to happen within the next year or so, and we just don’t see that happening.

For the record, Andy has appeared 31 times for Liverpool and scored 6 goals, and while at Newcastle he made 79 appearance with 32 goals.

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