The FA Is Hardly Being Fair On Cabaye Hearing

We’ve never thought the English FA was the best run organization in the world.

Alan Pardew – it’s just not fair

In fact it’s one of the worst,  and they again showed their colors yesterday,  by the way they have handled the Yohan Cabaye charge of violent conduct and the appeal.

The FA charged the player on Monday with violent conduct,  and the player and Newcastle had until 6:00pm last night to appeal the charge, so Newcastle have decided to appeal the charge.

And lo and behold the hearing is the next morning, and it will therefore take place this morning, and then the verdict will be announced – so where’s the time for preparation for Newcastle and Cabaye?

And since Newcastle have a game tonight, it makes it even worse,  and Alan Pardew will not know if the 26 year-old is playing or not until he hears the verdict.

Why on earth the FA  didn’t have the hearing on Thursday or even Friday of this week we have no idea- but it’s another indication of people running the FA who simply do not have a clue.

And they keep proving it with the way they carry out their business.

Here’s what Alan Pardew had to say about the hearing last night:

“We get the result tomorrow morning (Wednesday).  So he would be banned immediately. How can I even prepare my team? Am I going to have Cabaye in or out?”

“It just can’t be right. Even if they said we could have an appeal in four days’ time after the incident, at least it gives us time and we can have a defense.”

“To only find out on Wednesday morning, come on it can’t be right. Either he plays at Blackburn and we appeal on Thursday and that gives me the chance to prepare my team and then okay, can we defend him?”

“In our rules, no, but I think those rules are wrong. That rule should be looked at.”

Newcastle should have appealed the timing of the hearing, because how is justice being served when one party is not being given sufficient time to prepare their case?

That’s especially true when the officials at Newcastle were involved in transfer business all day yesterday, and we also have a game tonight, and the hearing is jammed  between them.

If Cabaye gets a three match ban for his altercation on Saturday with Brighton’s Adam El-Abd, then every player should be very wary of any physical contact during a football game, because if your boot ends up on the other person – it’s violent conduct, whether is was accidental or not.

The very fact the hearing is taking place so quickly suggests the FA have already made up their mind on the verdict.

It’s all complete nonsense – but that’s the English FA for you – and they live in other world.

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