Second Five Goal Thrashing In Four Games For Magpies

We cannot get too down in the dumps after Newcastle’s second five goal thrashing in the last four league games.

Alan Pardew – we stress this was taken before the game started Saturday

The good news is we won the other two games in those last four, against Blackburn and Aston Villa, so even when we are thrashed we have managed to come back with some wins.

And if we can win the next two games at home against Wolves and Sunderland, we’ll still be in great shape in the league.

That’s the only way to look at Newcastle’s current situation, and of course we cannot get carried away too much, because we are still probably only the 7th best side in England.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot finish higher in the league in mid-May, given some much better performances than the lads gave at White Hart Lane, against a Spurs side that looked simply fantastic in that first half.

But the lamentable performances in London against Fulham and Spurs are cause for concern for manager Alan Pardew:

“It has to be a concern for us,”  “That’s twice now, and we’re not going to ignore the fact we’ve been involved in two heavy defeats in a fairly short space of time.”

“But I didn’t really think the problems we had here resembled what happened in the Fulham game. I thought the issues at Fulham could be rectified.”

“The problems here were down in a large part to a team that was just too good for us. Sometimes you have to accept that.”  “It couldn’t have gone any better for them really.”

“Harry must have been sitting on the sidelines 2-0 up thinking he was having the week of his life.”  “My team have responded well to setbacks in the past.”

“We had a great win last week against Aston Villa and we need to bounce back again.”  

“If we beat Wolves in their next game a week on Saturday and Arsenal and Chelsea draw, we’ll be in a Champions League position so we mustn’t get too carried away by this, even though we’ve been thumped.”

“There were two quick goals and we couldn’t even get ourselves settled. I thought we had a really bad 15 minutes after that where we were all over the place.”  “You can narrow up your back four, but then their width will cause you problems.”

“They can pose a real danger in every area and caused us a lot of problems.”  “Every one of their players played absolutely brilliantly, I can’t think of a player who had an off day for them.”

“I’m just pleased we stayed disciplined in the second half, got in our holes and didn’t really let them expose us too much, even though they had their tails up. That’s the only thing we can take out of it really.”

We suppose we can put this one down to a better side playing at their very best on Saturday, but that cannot be an excuse in many of the games we have left this season.

We still have to play the likes of Wolves, Norwich, West Brom, Swansea, Stoke and Wigan and they have to be three point games for Newcastle,  if we are to finish high up in the league table.

We also have Sunderland at home in the game after Wolves,  and that has to be a must-win game too, but this time it will not be easy, since it seems our cover of Sunderland having a Geordie manager has finally been blown. 😀

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