Pardew – Both Newcastle And Sunderland Doing Great

When you think of Glasgow Rangers and Portsmouth, two football clubs who have great support, you wonder who has been running those clubs so poorly,  that they are both in bankruptcy and may not even survive.

Alan Pardew – North East football in good shape

We think both clubs will survive, and we certainly hope that both survive,  and certainly their supporters have been shafted too many times, and those who have been in charge of financial matters either don’t know anything about managing a business, or they don’t want to know.

But Newcastle are in fine shape financially,  and probably in better shape than we think,  once the next set of financial results come out, and Sunderland are in reasonable shape too.

And it’s not only in the financial stakes that both clubs are doing well, because Newcastle are 6th top and Sunderland are 9th top of the Premier League, so relegation isn’t a worry at all, and that’s the first time that’s happened for a long while.

North East football is in good shape and Alan Pardew talked about this yesterday before the upcoming derby game at St. James’ Park tomorrow:

“One thing this game should really highlight is that North-East football is alive and kicking again,”

“Sunderland are doing great and have been on a fantastic run recently, and we’re obviously in a really good position because of what we’ve done so far. We’ve raised the profile of both clubs and that’s great for the area.”

“The only slight disappointment is that there’s not more local lads coming through at both clubs. Hopefully, this game will help act as a catalyst for local talent in the area to keep working hard to play for their team.”

We’ve always thought  it’s great for the area that both clubs do well, but have come in for some ribbing for that view, but the only proviso would be that Newcastle always finish above Sunderland in the league table, and we beat them twice each season.


Just imagine what this game would be like if Newcastle were second in the league table and Sunderland 3rd – it would get fantastic coverage around the country, and around the world for that matter.

It’s going to get decent coverage tomorrow,  because the time has been brought forward so that it doesn’t clash with any other Premier League games, and it has an unusual high noon kick-off time – for this particular shoot-out.

It’s the first time Martin O’Neill has been in a Newcastle – Sunderland derby game, although he was involved in the Celtic – Rangers games when he managed Celtic.

We think he may be shocked by the electric atmosphere at St. James’ Park tomorrow, and we hope his players are as well.

This is what Martin had to say:

“It’s nearly upon us, and it’s a big game, there’s no getting away from that,” “I’ll get very concerned beforehand, which is a euphemism for being nervous. It’s a big game we’re in for.”

“I don’t think you can really downplay it to the players. They’re well aware of the importance. No matter how much you say it’s another game, it isn’t.”

“Newcastle have done very well this season. They have some fine players. We’ve obviously had our trials and tribulations, but we’re trying to fight back and would obviously love to be as strong as them. Hopefully in time, we will be.”

Newcastle will start as favourites tomorrow, but that means nothing, and if we play like we have in our last two games we could even be beaten for the first time in this fixture at St. James’ Park since 2000, and that would be a major,  major calamity.

Sunderland have been completely regenerated under new manager Martin O’Neill and since Martin came in Sunderland have actually done better than Newcastle, so it should be a close game and a good game.

But quite  honestly we’re not too worried if it’s a good game or not, as long ass Newcastle pick up all 3 points – we need them.

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