At Least The Two Sets Of Fans Behaved Themselves

There was some good news coming out of the Newcastle United club today – praising the behavior of both sets of fans at the Newcastle – Sunderland derby game yesterday.

Maybe the fans good behavior will now be taken up by both managers and coaching staffs and the players too – who were not as well behaved and lacked discipline especially in that first 35 minutes or so.

There was news by some mischievous reporters that significant damage was done to seats and concourse areas occupied by the Sunderland fans – but they were completely inaccurate.

Newcastle United’s Head of Security, Steve Storey, had this to say today on the Newcastle web-site:

“With the exception of a very small number of incidents, fans from both clubs throughout the stadium were very well behaved before, during and after the game.”

“The level of damage in the away area was low even for a regular fixture, let alone a highly charged derby match. I commend the behaviour of all supporters at the game yesterday.”

“And that includes the vast majority of the 2,650 Sunderland fans who  showed respect for the away area of the ground.”

We take out hats off to both sets of supporters – and especially to the Sunderland supporters, because it must have been heartbreaking to concede that Shola Ameobi goal in stoppage time, but they remained well behaved in spite of that crushing blow.

And maybe the two managers, the coaching staffs and the players can follow the lead of the fans’ good behavior, at the next Newcastle Sunderland derby, and show more class than they did yesterday.

That would be very good, and things were getting just a little out of hand both on the field and on the sidelines in that first half yesterday.

Well done to both sets of fans!

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