Alan Pardew Issues Rallying Call To Top Newcastle Stars

The four players who left Newcastle last year have not done particularly  well at their new clubs.

Demba Ba – may not want to leave Newcastle

Joey Barton is struggling to stay in the Premier League with QPR, Kevin Nolan is struggling with West Ham to nail down an automatic promotion place, and the Hammers are now 4 points behind second placed Reading, who are in sizzling form and beat them 4-2 at Upton Park last Saturday.

And we saw yesterday that Andy Carroll and Jose Enrique are having their own difficulties at “top club” Liverpool,  and the Reds have lost six of their last seven league games – and Newcastle smashed them 2-0 on Sunday afternoon and were the better side.

And  on talkSport  yesterday, Alan Pardew has made the point that the grass is not always greener for our players at other “big” clubs:

“At the moment everyone wants to play for Newcastle,” “We’ve got players who are genuinely happy.”  “There’s a lesson to be learnt with Jose Enrique and Andy Carroll, sometimes the grass isn’t always greener.”  

“When things are well and there’s a nice environment why would you want to leave?”  “There’s investment in the squad, hopefully my players will look at that during the summer and use that as an example.”

 “Mike Ashley has proved that he’s a difficult seller and I know that.”  “There are no nasty songs about him going round the ground anymore, I think the fans appreciate he’s got the club in good shape, our wage bill is half of Liverpool’s.”

“We’re in really good shape and it’s not like we really need to bring in a load of cash.”

Newcastle fans will again need to endure stories of  some of  our top players possibly leaving the club in the summer.

Mike Ashley keeps telling Alan Pardew regularly that he is a difficult seller,  and that means he will want ridiculous money before he will sell any of his top players.

That reminds me – who do Liverpool want in the summer?

And Newcastle do not need the money as they once did, when for example when we sold Andy Carroll, and that’s especially true if Newcastle qualify for the Europa League next season, with all the extra money the club will earn.

If we finish in 6th place this May, that’s six places better than we finished in the league last year,  and with a place worth around £800K, Newcastle could make an extra £4.8M in position placement money this season.

And with the experiences of Andy Carroll, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton and Jose Enrique serving as a possible warning,  maybe our top stars like Demba Ba will just not want to leave Newcastle.

That would be a big boost for Newcastle in the summer.

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