Cisse Sent By The Gods To Wear Newcastle’s Number 9 Shirt

Newcastle fans are starting to come to terms with the fact we may have two of the best strikers in the Premier League.

Papiss Cisse – how did he do that for Newcastle’s second goal?

And that’s not an idle boast either,  with Cisse and Demba Ba firing 25 Premier League goals between them this season, and Cisse has only played 8 games.

The well has gone dry a bit for Demba Ba, but we are hoping he can get in among the goals this afternoon against Bolton.

Ba took a little bit of stick for looking so glum in the dugout,  after his Senegal team mate  Papiss Cisse scored that sensational second goal that gave Newcastle all 3  points at Swansea on Friday afternoon.

We didn’t see Ba looking so glum at first, although the TV commentators mentioned it,  but on looking at the TV replays my son Neil had said that Ba was looking daggers at Pardew, and he was.

Ba tried to clear that up on his Twitter account but hey, footballers get cheesed off at times when they are replaced in games – after all they’re only human.

But we’re not sure that’s necessarily true with Papiss Cisse. 😀

Papiss Cisse looks a super-star – and that may even be an understatement – let’s have another try – he’s a man sent by the Gods to wear the famous number 9 shirt of Newcastle that was worn in the past by past Gods Jackie Milburn and Alan Shearer.

We have a feeling we’ll see a rejuvenated Demba Ba play with Cisse this afternoon, and of course his all around play has improved significantly this season, and he seems such a great lad and usually so humble.

That’s not to say that Papiss Cisse isn’t already looking a better player since he’s been on Tyneside, and a couple of minutes before he scored his second goal on Friday, he was seen on the Newcastle bye-line in the left-back position, clearing the ball.

We saw that in our 5th viewing of the game on TV…..

So Alan Pardew has got everybody working their socks off for the Newcastle side, and Ben Arfa does so much more work these days than he used to, and he’s such a better player for it too.

Everybody has been going on about Norwich’s Paul Lambert and Swansea’s Brendan Rodgers for manager of the year, and they are two excellent managers and hardly ever make any excuses.

But Newcastle have recently beaten both Norwich and Swansea, and if we can garner lots of points from our last 6 games of the season, the award could well go to Newcastle’s Alan Pardew.

And that would be a great acknowledgement of the miracles the Londoner has performed at Newcastle over the last 16 months or so.

But let’s make sure we win the game this afternoon against Bolton first.

We’ll have all summer to celebrate,  once the season is over.

Howay The Lads!!

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