Alan Pardew – Nothing Left To Go For But Top Four

It’s not surprising that Alan Pardew  has been asked continually whether Newcastle will finish in the top four this season.

Carver and Pardew – can take Newcastle into Europe next season?

And of course a few weeks back, before our five game winning streak that looked very unlikely, but not any more, and with just 5 games to go Newcastle are just one point  out of 4th place and a Champions League qualifying position.

In about an hour or so,  Liverpool kick off at  Wembley in the FA Cup semi-finals against local rivals Everton, and a Liverpool win will see us in the Europe League next season.

And as Alan says, if that happens, there would be nothing left to go for but a Champions League position:

“I have never actually ruled it out. The press kept saying to me, ‘Are you going to make the Champions League?’, and I said we were just looking to win the next game,” 

“But look, it’s not gone unnoticed. This week could be important for us because if the FA Cup semi-final results go our way, we could be in Europe, I think.”

“If that works in our favor, then really, really there is nothing left to go for but the Champions League.”  “That’s important to us, the semi-finals, we will be looking at them because we are up against Chelsea for that Europa League place.”

“If the results go against us, that’s still very, very tough on us.”  “To have this points total and not make Europe would be tough to take, so we have got to keep our eye on the ball, and we aren’t giving up on anything.”

Whatever happens today, Newcastle will go into all the remaining games – Stoke City (h), Wigan Athletic (a), Chelsea (a), Manchester City (h) and Everton (a) – trying to win every single one of them.

And we’ve been pretty successful recently in finding a way to win each game, so we hope that will continue, starting at St. James’ Park with another sell-out crowd against Stoke City a week today.

Howay The Lads!!