Is Manchester United’s Ashley Young A Cheat?

For the second time in three games Ashley Young has got a penalty, when the TV replays showed there was minimal contact at best with the opposing player.

Ashley Young – appealing for another penalty

In yesterday’s game  Young went down in the penalty area, as he dragged his left leg against Aston Villa’s  Ciaran Clark, to ensure there was contact,  and then he looked up at the referee appealing for the penalty.

We remember well at Villa Park least season on 10th April, when he dived against Newcastle following minimum contact from Joey Barton, and then the free kick taken by Young was headed home by James Collins, and that goal won Villa the match 1-0.

In the game at QPR he managed to get Shaun Derry get sent off,  and it was debatable whether Derry actually touched Young at all, but the Red Devils got the penalty and QPR were reduced to 10 men.

And the FA embarrassed themselves (again),  as they had an opportunity to right a wrong, because Young was a yard offside and therefore the foul and sending off should not have counted as Derry was sent off.

There was nothing much the FA could do about the penalty,  but they could have rescinded the red card when QPR appealed,  but they didn’t.

We need somebody from the FA to explain  what their logic behind that decision was, but of course the FA are not renowned for their logic,  or much else for that matter.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that Young has been going down far too easily recently,  but Alex still thought it was a penalty:

“I think he played for the penalty,”   “If the player decides to put his foot in and doesn’t straighten his own feet and read the situation, then he’s fallen into that.

“He’s there for the taking. I think it was a dramatic fall, I think maybe he overdid the fall. But it was a penalty.”

And then our very own Ryan Taylor blasted the player on his Twitter account.

“Ashley Young is an absolute disgrace. He’s the biggest cheat in the league. His antics are a joke.”

Ryan quickly deleted the post but on Twitter you cannot undo it – and it’s out to the world.

And Ryan then posted this – but he probably should have left it at that:

“Winds me up watching fellow professionals dive mate. He doesn’t need to. He’s an international.”

The short answer is that Ashley Young needs to cut it out, although he should receive a yellow card the next time he dives, and you can be certain that referees will be wary of him from now on.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have Luis Suarez and Ashley Young in the same forward line  – they’d never be on their feet. 😀

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