Pardew – Newcastle Are The Least Favorites – That’s Probably Right

Alan Pardew held his news conference for the Stoke City game this afternoon at the Benton Training grounds.

Alan Pardew – important we don’t get carried away

Alan was asked if he would be disappointed if Newcastle finished 5th top at the end of the season, given that Newcastle are now in such a good position in the league table, and this is how Alan answered:

“A successful season for us would be Europe, there’s no doubt about that. Any European qualification would be brilliant.”

“The Champions League is something that really we shouldn’t be competing for, but we are, and we are going to go for that as best we can.”

“We are batting well above our level in terms of the teams and the salaries and transfer fees that these other clubs have paid. We shouldn’t even be anywhere near them.”

“Players, like fans, are not stupid, they know if they have got a chance. Our fans are sensing that we have got a chance, and so are our players.”

“But we have still got to be able to produce it on game-day, and game-day is what it is all about at this level.”  “You get complacent or get nervous or get edgy, like a couple of the other sides.”

“They have got a bit edgy – we haven’t shown any signs of that and hopefully we won’t.”  “Perhaps expectation is not really too great on us. “

“If you asked any of these on-line betting agencies who is the least favourite, we are probably it, and that’s probably right.”

Alan Pardew was very low key in his press conference this afternoon, and he obviously wants to keep his players down to earth, and with their feet firmly on the ground.

The manager said  it was very important the players didn’t  start congratulating each other,  or patting themselves on the back just yet, and there was plenty of time for that at the end of the season.

But Alan though it important that nobody get carried away with Newcastle’s high position in the league table.

The way Alan acted this afternoon, it certainly looks like the manager is by no means getting carried away with anything, and the only thing on his mind is to beat  Stoke City on Saturday.

Sounds good to us.

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