Alan Pardew – Give Mike Ashley Some Credit

Alan Pardew is getting all the praise today,  for what he has done for Newcastle United this season.

Mike Ashley – was he partying last night in Newcastle?

But one of the things that’s obvious about the Newcastle club, is there is a great camaraderie behind the scenes in the way the Board, Alan Pardew and Chief Scout Graham Carr work together,  for the good of the famous Newcastle United club.

They are obviously all on the same page,  and understand the financial limits of the club, as they are getting even closer to balancing their books on Tyneside – while building up a top team at the same time.

That seems to be against the Conservation of Energy somehow (energy can neither be created nor destroyed),  since we seem to be getting something out of nothing.

But the strategy of the Newcastle club has been seen to work brilliantly over the last couple of years or so.

Pardew thinks that owner Mike Ashley is due the credit, as he told the Sunday Times today.

“Mike’s put something like £273M into the club and he’s not taken anything back.”  “Since I’ve been here I have not really shouted his corner. Politically for me it’s a minefield.”

“I want to keep the fans in a good place but I would say to them, before they get emotional about it, that Mike has invested something like 25% of his personal wealth in this football club.”

“Ask me for 25% of my money and you’ve got no chance. I don’t care how good your idea is.”

Ashley is still not popular on Tyneside, for some of  the things he’s done since buying the club almost five years ago.

But one thing is for sure, his financial expertise has helped the Newcastle club enormously,  and his investments in the Youth Policy and the Scouting staff have already paid huge dividends, and long may that continue.

Whether you love or hate Mike, he is due significant credit for what he’s done over the last couple of years – it’s hard to argue against that.

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