If We Make Champions League – Money There To Strengthen Squad

With Newcatsle’s 3-0 win over Stoke City yesterday, Newcastle are now 3 points clear of Tottenham and in 4th place in the league, and we are just 3 points behind 3rd placed Arsenal,  with a game in hand.

Alan Pardew – money will be made available to strengthen the squad

And if  Tottenham’s performance at QPR was anything to go by yesterday – the wheels have come off at the London club – and we didn’t see many Spurs’ players showing the drive, determination  and commitment it needs to win games against relegation sides like QPR.

QPR won the game deservedly by 1-0, with a good goal from Adel Taarabt, and they outfought Spurs, even though the referee sent Taarabt off late in the game, presumably to give Spurs a chance. 😀

Some of the referee’s decisions recently in the Premier League have been a little embarrassing, since nearly all of the dodgy decisions, like yesterday, when Adel got a second yellow for kicking the ball away – seem to support the top sides.

Referees really need to stop giving out yellow cards for such minor offenses,  because we are seeing far too many players sent off than in the days of old.

Any time sombody gets tackled these days and then rolls over at least three times – which means they cannot be injured too badly – the referee gives the other guy a yellow card.

In the 19690s and 1970s you almost had to commit capital murder to be sent off – but in those days  players just got up and got on with the game, after being tackled.

Alan Pardew has talked about the possibility of making the Champions League today, and he says money will be made available, with clubs in the group stages getting an almost guaranteed £20M each.

This is what Alan told the Sunday Sun today:

 “If we were fortunate enough to get into the Champions League then the money will take care of itself. It really will.”  “It won’t take a lot of time to find the players who can go in at that level with the extra finance that will be available.”

“I could go and get two extra players and they would be lined up anyway. So we are all set.”  “Fourth place is doable. I do, however, still think it’s a long shot for us. We have got a difficult run-in, although that might be a good thing; it could focus the mind.”

“Sometimes when you get one of those games, and Tottenham and Arsenal have them, when on paper you are expecting to win because they are against relegation-threatened sides, they can be the hardest ones to wins.”

“So I’m looking at this with a clear mind and with clarity. We have a chance.”  “So to be in this situation with four games to go is fantastic and the players should feel immense pride.” “But I will tell you, the one thing that is important is momentum and we’ve got that.”

“We have confidence, so teams are going to play very well to beat us, regardless of who they are.”

It’s not that Mike Ashley will throw money away this summer, because Newcastle will continue to try to get very good bargains for the players they bring in.

But Newcastle will also have that extra cash if the lads can make the European Champions  League for next season, which now has to be the number one goal for the season.

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