Pardew – Newcastle Going For 7 Wins In A Row – Nothing Less

You  cannot accuse Alan Pardew of not trying to win every single game for Newcastle.

Let’s hope this is what Alan Pardew is doing tomorrow after the game

We had to live through the time with Sam Allardyce was at the club, when  Sam’s tactics would be to go in against a top team away from home,  and try to get a draw.

That always seemed like a negative thing to do, because you are limiting the points you are playing for – there’s 3 points available and to only go for one of them seems a bit daft.

And we’ve seen Wigan lately beat Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium,  and Manchester United at the DW Stadium – and we’re sure Roberto Martinez, the Wigan manager,  doesn’t have the same philosophy as big Sam.

And Alan Pardew doesn’t subscribe to big Sam’s way either, and when he first arrived at the club, the Londoner said he would have Newcastle playing good attractive attacking football,  and would try to win every single game, and he’s been true to his word.

This is what Alan told the local press this morning:

“We’re going for seven wins in a row now.” “It will be a marvellous feat, if we can do it. We’re going to try to get that.”

“In some ways I feel we have to win at Wigan.” “We won’t be taking a draw at any time during the game.”

“Even if there is 20 seconds left we will be trying to win the game.”

With Newcastle already in Europe next season in the Europa League, the Magpies can now have a real go in the last four games, and try to get into the Champions League – we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And Alan was asked if the season had already been a success – which seems an odd question to ask  – after we have just qualified for Europe – and the Newcastle manager had this to say:

“Absolutely.”  “That’s why it gives me a free hand to attack the Champions League.”  “We are now going to be in Europe.”  “That’s the scenario. We can look forward to that.”

“But in the meantime we have four games left to see what our final points total can be.”   “We have to win at Wigan which isn’t easy.”

“In our last result against Stoke we really played well and caused trouble for the top teams.”

Both Chelsea and Tottenham have got  home games on Sunday against QPR and Blackburn Rovers respectively.

So like Newcastle,  they are facing teams fighting relegation this weekend,  so it should be very  interesting to see what the results are in the games.

There’s no doubt that a Newcastle win at Wigan tomorrow afternoon, will put some significant pressure on the two  London teams – and that’s exactly what we are hoping for.

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