Candid Alan Pardew – I Let Newcastle Down On Saturday

Alan Pardew has come out today and blamed himself for Newcastle’s terrible performance in that first half at Wigan.

Alan Pardew – I let Newcastle down on Saturday

Alan admits to making tactical errors approaching the game, and he was also trying to build up his players before the game at Wigan, which seemed to backfire, when Wigan were much more alive at the start of the game, and put four past the Magpies before half time.

When we are commenting on the game on Saturday we always have to remember the lads won six games in a  row, so maybe there good form is not too far away.

Alan Pardew talked to his players yesterday and they seem to be satisfied that they understand the errors they made in the game as a coaching staff, and also what the players did wrong,, in the first 45 minutes.

Alan seems determined to repay the fans for what they had to endure last Saturday, and he had this to say today:

“It was a bad day at the office, but for reasons.” “I think part of the psychology was that, with all due respect to Wigan, it was them we were playing and not Chelsea that was three days around the corner.”

“I’m not attributing any kind of blame here, I’m just saying that collectively we all got it wrong. The psychology of the team and the tactical side of things is my responsibility, and I felt that I let the club down a little bit as well.”

“On Wednesday, I have to make sure I don’t get that wrong.” “The only thing I worry about in terms of Wednesday night is making sure that my team is motivated at the right level.”

“That will probably mean bringing them down rather than building them up, like I was trying to do on Saturday.” “I don’t think we’re under any illusions. Tactically, we made mistakes as a coaching team and myself.”

“I think the psychology didn’t work for us and, with no disrespect to Wigan, the performance they put in was probably above themselves.”  “All those factors resulted in that result, and we all take responsibility for it. Therefore, we all need to make the same response on Wednesday night.”

“I think the most important part for our fans in particular is a restoring in pride, and we have to do that via the performance on Wednesday night.” “If I was a fan that’s what I would be looking for and the result will come second.”

“If you get the performance right, sometimes the result follows pretty quickly.”

We don’t mind too much even if Newcastle lose tomorrow, and the most important thing is that they show up for the game, and press Chelsea,  and Newcastle play somewhere near our best form again.

At least with the Newcastle spirit seeming to be missing on Saturday, it should be in full supply in the last three games of the season and that could bode well for what Newcastle can do.

We also assume the Newcastle club have more than ample supplies of Strawberry Syrup and Yassa (goat curry for the uninitiated),  for our two Senegal strikers, and that’s very important, as we all know. 😀

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