Even At Our Very Best We Could Struggle To Win At Chelsea

Alan Pardew held an inquest yesterday into the appalling 4-0 defeat at Wigan.

Alan Pardew – at his desk at the Benton training grounds

And as we reported earlier this morning,  it seems Alan took most of the responsibility for the defeat, and that was because of his tactics,  and how he had ill-prepared the players mentally for the game.

The two next games are against top teams in Chelsea and Manchester City, who seem to be in their very best form of the season (drat), so its not a particularly good time to meet either side.

But that’s the way things go during any season, and Alan Pardew knows the players have to go into the upcoming games, and try to win both of them:

“I’d have liked to have gone into this Chelsea game with a different feeling.” “But I know, having looked in the players’ eyes, there’s a determination to put it right.”

“Hopefully, we’ll take that on to the park, but even at our very best we could struggle to win at Chelsea.” “But we’ve got to believe we’ll get a break in the game, and that we’ll be at our very best.”

“When you look at the last seven games, and we’ve won six and lost one, it doesn’t sound so bad.” “The second half buoyed me a little bit. There was a bit of character shown on the pitch. We could’ve got a couple of goals.”

“It wasn’t like 90 minutes of failure – it was 45 minutes of madness, really.” “I think if we make sure that we start well, it’ll probably the key to the game.”

Newcastle slipped up on Saturday, that’s all,  and we’ve slipped up before this year at both Fulham and at Tottenham.

But in both those cases Newcastle came back strongly and showed good character in their next games, and there’s no reason the lads cannot do the same thing in the next couple of games.

That’s what we are hoping for, and while it certainly will be tough – it’s not impossible to win both games.

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