Kinnear Talks About Agony Of Son’s Death From Cancer

Joe Kinnear has had his own health problems over the last fifteen years or so.

Joe Kinnear – while the Newcastle manager

And as we mentioned earlier today Joe was only in the Newcastle manager job a short six months, before he had to leave the job, after suffering heart problems in February of 2010.

Joe has given an interview to the local Sunday Sun today, in which he talks about the heart-break of losing his only son Elliott, to cancer last year.

This is what Joe had to say:

“Elliott was only 40 when he died a year ago, and it was the worst thing to happen to me. He was my only son as well, so it was a big loss to my missus, Bonnie, and myself. Elliott left behind two young girls, Lisa who is nine and seven-year-old Maya.”

“They live with their mum in Miami, which is hard, but we were there to visit for six weeks and they are coming over here once the schools in America break up. They keep us going and keep us young.”  

“I’ve been involved with a celebrity charity cricket team called Bunbury for seven years and we’ve helped a variety of causes such as kids with cancer to families of soldiers killed in action.”  “But I never thought anything would happen to my own family like cancer.”

“After my son died, I hired out Lord’s to play a charity game. It was the first time they ever did that and the people there did me a massive favour by just giving me the ground for a day for nothing.”  “Even the England player Stuart Broad took part, which was great.”

“Martin Peters gave me his World Cup Final shirt and that was auctioned for £125,000. We actually raised £280,000 and I want to do a lot more.”  “Elliot dying gave me a real focus. I watched him trying to fight the disease for six months and then it took over his whole body.”

“I have met a lot of people with myeloma and, sadly, most of them do die. I wanted to do something to help.”  “I put together a team that played cricket against Eric Clapton’s own side, complete with Mick Jagger,”  “That was special.”  “Bunbury has raised more than £13m for charities and are not finished yet.”

It’s a really sad story, but it’s good that Joe is trying to do something about it, and doing some good charity work, in his son’s memory.

Maybe he should concentrate on that, rather than wanting to get back into football management, because that would put even more stress on Joe’s heart, and that would not be good for him health-wise.

When you hear of things like this, it put things into real perspective, and helps to concentrate the mind on what is really important in life.

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