Racist Tweet Sent To Danny Simpson Simply A Disgrace

Both the Evening Chronicle and Journal  are reporting that there has been a racial tweet sent to Danny Simpson’s twitter account, the Newcastle United right back.

Danny Simpson – racial tweet sent to him last night

Apparently the tweet sent to Simpson last night referred to the player’s  color of his skin, and telling him to break both of his legs.

But it seems that Newcastle fans went into action big time last night, and even though the Twitter account had been deleted,  fans have informed the police, and they are onto the case, and we would expect the culprit to be caught today.

You can delete lots of things on your PC, but there is always a record kept of things – and especially with tweets, once they are sent out, they remain on the blogosphere for all to see.

Danny is still delaying signing his new contract at Newcastle, and he tweeted that the tweet was ‘pathetic’ on his Twitter account last night – and we have to agree with him on that.

I’ve found personally over the last five years or so, that you are always prone to some terrible abuse when you are online, with the emphasis on terrible, and that happens even more to celebrities like footballers, who are always in the public domain.

It’s just not right to abuse people for their color or creed, and I know it’s a cliche – but we’re all very much the same  beneath how we look on the outside.

That’s my belief in any case, and it’s a strong one.

We hope Danny stays on Tyneside and signs a new deal for Newcastle in the next couple of weeks.

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