Why Do Newcastle Keep Collapsing Every Now And Then?

James Perch apologized to Newcastle fans after the game yesterday at the Cardiff City Stadium, and he wanted to let the fans know that he understood what it meant to travel to support Newcastle,  and a performance like the one they gave yesterday was simply not good enough. We have to agree with James on that one.

Perchinho in Newcatsle’s colors yesterday

Newcastle were 3-0 down after only 26 minutes and that was the game right there, and after that first 30 minutes Newcastle were much improved, but of course the damage had already been done.

It seems to us that the Newcastle defense is prone to collapsing as that’s not the first time we’ve looked hopeless in defense when starting a game, and it happened at Tottenham and at Wigan earlier this  year, and it happened in that famous home game against Arsenal – but we managed to famously come back in that game.

There’s something  that makes these things happen, and we’re not sure if it’s over confidence or what,  but the side doesn’t  turn up for some games every now and then,  and it always come as a big surprise.

And of course a couple of good new defenders in before the transfer window slams shut, would certainly help things.

The players all looked dejected after the game, which was not too surprising,  and it would have been a solemn journey back to Newcastle, after the lads had looked fairly decent in pre-season before yesterday, losing only at FC Chemnitzer before yesterday’s debacle.

Perchinho talked to the Newcastle web-site after the game:

” ‘We let you all down.”  “It matters to us because we’re professionals,” “We never want to lose a game and the way we did it, we certainly didn’t want to do that.”  “We know that Newcastle fans come in thousands and we have let them down today.”

“And we’ve let ourselves down, I’m not going to say we haven’t let ourselves down today, we’ve let the gaffer down and everyone to do with the club, the players out there.”  “But it’s over now. “

“We can’t do anything about it and we look forward to next week. It wasn’t a good performance, we hold our hands up, and we now look forward to the start of the season against Tottenham.”

“I don’t know what it was, we can’t really put our finger on it, but we did improve and should have had a couple more goals.”  “I have to give a special mention to the young lad who came on, Campbell. “

“He came on, looked sharp, created chances, maybe should have got a penalty, so it was a good day for him and I think everybody should be really happy with the way he played.”

“When you look back at it, we’ve played alright in some games and we’ve won most of them. It’s just a shame we couldn’t win today, the last one going into the start of the season.”

“But we’ve washed our hands of it now. It’s gone and it’s done and we look forward to working hard on Monday leading up to the Saturday game.”

James Perch didn’t come on until after 28 minutes and by that time we were 3-0 down and the game was lost.

The most positive aspect of  the game yesterday, which most seem to agree on, was the performance of 17-year-old debut boy Adam Campbell, and the local lad looked great after he came on late in the game.

Adam was interviewed after the game,  and he said he was just hoping to get more Reserve team games under his belt in the coming season – but if he keeps playing like he did yesterday, we haven’t seen the last of this lad in the first team.

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