Demba Ba Saga Hardly Shows Agents In Good Light

With the news today that Demba Ba’s release clause kicks in again in the upcoming January transfer window, and that news is coming directly from Alan Pardew himself, it’s clear why his agents made such a fuss of him being benched on Monday night at Everton.

Alan Pardew – talking to the press yesterday in Madeira

That’s because they seem to again be preparing the way for him to potentially leave Newcastle in the January transfer window, and they will of course get a big pay-day themselves.

That release clause was revealed by Harry Redknapp last January,  and we had to go through all kinds of stuff during the summer months until August 1st came around, when it was deactivated – but we all thought that was it – it was deactivated for good.

But that’s not the case, and why did Newcastle agree to such a deal in the first place when we signed the striker as a free agent in the summer of last year? If he stays in January will it become active again in the summer?

It’s already cased all kinds of strife with Newcastle fans, and we have to go through all that stuff again in January – oh no!

I must have aged 10 years in the summer with all this stuff going on, and that’s not good at my age. 😀

Alan Pardew said that he had a talk with Demba Ba before he left Newcastle yesterday for Madeira, and let the player know he was not happy at all with the comments made by his agents or by Ba himself.

The public comments seemed to be a blatant attempt to try to sway his selection choice, and that’s unacceptable,  and we know Alan doesn’t stand any nonsense from his players – and we know he doesn’t much like a number of the (greedy) agents  currently in the game.

They seemed to cause him and Newcastle grief in the final weeks of the summer transfer window, which he commented on earlier this month.

When you are a professional footballer, being left out of the team now and again is part of the job – and long gone are the days when a player starts every single game in a season.

We had reported that Alan was livid yesterday, and this was coming directly from the manager himself, and it seems the outburst by his agents revealed some existing tension between them, Demba Ba, Alan Pardew and other Tyneside club officials.

The potentially good news is that Ba’s wage demands are said to be ridiculously high, and it could be based on what Andy Carroll is getting at Liverpool, which is anywhere from £75K to £100K a week, but Ba’s demands are also scaring away other clubs, according to the Daily Mail today.

But there’s a definite link being reported with Arsenal, but whether they would be ready to pay those wages is a little doubtful to us.

Arsenal run a a fairly tight financial ship in London, and have wage limits and the like, but other clubs like Manchester City, QPR and PSG are clubs who could be ready to pay out ridiculous wages – they’ve done that in the past.

It’s really disappointing news today – and to think we have to go through all this stuff again until the end of January is ridiculous.

What do you think?

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