Newcastle Announce 4 Year Wonga Deal – Oh No

Newcastle have announced a four year sponsorship deal with Wonga, and they will have their emblem on the Newcastle shirts starting next season, and they will be replacing Virgin Money as sponsors.

This is what the new Newcastle shirt will look like

This will hardly please Newcastle supporters since Wonga is not a respected company, and charges ridiculous interest rates on their pay-day loans, and sometimes in excess of 4,000%, APR, which is nothing less than a complete and utter rip-off.

Wonga already sponsor the shirts at both Blackpool and Hearts up in Scotland, but to have Newcastle associated with a company like Wonga is not good, to say the least.

And Wonga is only a UK firm and not word-wide, so that will not do much for the global name of Newcastle United – at least Virgin was known and respected throughout the world, whether you liked Richard Branson or not.

Newcastle’s Managing Director Derek Llambias said the following:

“We’re building a club that can regularly compete at the highest level.” “A strong commercial program is vital to this goal, and I’m delighted to welcome Wonga into the fold as our lead commercial partner.”

A club statement from Wonga said they will also invest “at least” £1.5M in the club Academy and the Foundation Enterprise Scheme.

There’s no news on how much the deal is worth over the four years – but it should be sky high to persuade Newcastle to go with a company like Wonga.

We should have stayed with Richard Branson’s Virgin Money company, and this will not be well received in Newcastle by the City Council or by the fans.

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