St. James’ Park Name Coming Back – Did It Ever Leave?

Work started yesterday to take down those odious cheap looking signs of Mike Ashley’s company from the stadium, and put the rightful name of St. James’ Park back on St. James’ Park.

Workman starting the work of cleaning up St. James’ Park

The signs that were presumably put up as a temporary new name of Newcastle’s Stadium are finally being taken down, after just over a year, and the letters of St. James’ Park will be up on the stadium within a few days.

And there will be an official unveiling ceremony – of the name being returned to St. James’ Park – and in truth it was a travesty that it was ever changed.

The good thing is not only will those cheap signs be taken down, but the official name will revert back to St. James’ Park, so everybody will now call it by its real name – but of course many Newcastle fans never called it anything else, and it was always a losing proposition by Mike Ashley from the word go.

We hate to bring this up, but we wonder what happens in four years time when the naming rights that Wonga have bought for the stadium come to an end ?

There’s just no way any company would be so daft as to call it anything other than St. James’ Park from now on, and the company that keeps it that way in four years time, will get an enormous amount of good will and gratitude from the Newcastle fans, that’s for sure.

St. James’ Park forever, and I’m sure my dear deceased father will be able to rest a lot more easily now.