Alan Pardew’s Strange Take On Luis Suarez

Some strange words coming from Alan Pardew today, and it seems he’s been talking to Hatem Ben Arfa, one of Newcastle’s very best players this season, about how the French International can have a bigger impact in games for Newcastle, and the Newcastle manager has pointed to Luis Suarez as a good example for the Frenchman.


This is how we see Luis Suarez – good at diving or is it simulation?

No, it’s not the diving that Suarez continually does when anybody even touches him on the pitch, it’s his all around play for Liverpool, and the fact that’s he’s always in among the opposition defenders making a nuisance of himself, scoring goals and creating chances.

This is what Alan Pardew said in the local press today:

“He is an outstanding talent. There is no doubt about that.” “I think you have to see how many chances he creates and how many things he does in a game.” “You could do a highlights show for him after every game.”

“I’ve been talking to Hatem about trying to have the same impact that Luis is having.” “Hatem almost did that on Sunday.” “You could have put him in that category.” “We’re looking at our own assets and we want them to worry about us.”

“You still have to do a lot of things right to get a win.” “Regardless of being a bit fortunate, you still have to defend well and there are a lot of things we did well. Sometimes things go unnoticed.” “Our passing and movement let us down a little bit.”

We suppose if you remove the diving that Suarez habitually does, because that’s the only thing we think of when his name is mentioned, and concentrate just on the football (but it’s difficult where Suarez is concerned), Alan makes a decent point we suppose.

But we think Ben Arfa if anything, is a better overall player that Luis is.

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