Jonas Wonders About Jose Enrique’s Weird New Hair Style

Jose Enrique is in and out of the first team at Liverpool these days, although when we’ve seen him play recently he’s looked a good player, but he may not be a player that new manager Brendan Rodgers particularly likes, and that’s always a problem when a new manager arrives at a club.

Enrique sports new hair-cut against Everton – Jonas doesn’t like it

As soon as Brendan arrived it seemed to be curtains for Andy Carroll, because the new manager plays with the ball on the ground, and there looked little chance of a future at Liverpool for the former Newcastle striker, once the former Swansea manager arrived at Anfield.

And sure enough Andy was shunted off to play for West Ham on loan  for the season, and it’s unlikely he has any future at Liverpool, unless the manager changes yet again.

And it could even be the same for Jose, although he looks as good as ever at Liverpool, but the Spaniard is not getting a lot of playing time.

And last weekend Jose showed off his new hairstyle – which showed a distinct lack of hair on top – and he’s clean-shaven his head although he sports a beard these days – it looks weird.

The Argentinian had this to say today in the local press about his Spanish friend:

“Maybe he’s done it because he’s losing a lot of hair.” (yeah – right) “If it’s not for that reason it is a bad decision. I would never do that. No chance. I will always stick with my hairstyle.”

“He is a big friend of mine still.” “He was a player that we enjoyed having here when he was here. We had a good relationship with him.” “Me, him and Colo still speak a lot.” “Maybe he is finding it a bit tough at Liverpool this season.”

“He is still a really good player.” “He has to be careful and not get too down.” “Jose will learn to play the way he did here again.” “I saw the table and it is very close.” “There are only four or five points between the two clubs.”

“If you get a few wins you can be in fifth place.” “The most important thing now is to go game by game.” “We can’t think about final positions in November.” “The next game is important.” “And we know we it will be difficult at Liverpool.”

We hope Jonas doesn’t ever shave his head – what a sight that would be – and not very pleasant to be sure.

It’s good that Jonas is going to spare us from that.

Hey – we need all three points at Anfield on Sunday afternoon, in a game that is being broadcast live around the world.

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