Class Act Kevin Nolan – I Still Love Everything About Newcastle

We loved it when Kevin Nolan was the Newcastle captain, and as we’ve said a few times before,  his captaincy style was not unlike that of Jimmy Scouler,  the captain of the 1955 FA Cup winning side, as he led by example and cajoled his team-mates into giving their all in every game.

Kevin Nolan acknowledges West supporters yesterday – the man is a class act

And we also knew that Kevin was a class act, and he showed that again on Sunday afternoon, when he refused to celebrate his goal after 38 minutes, even though it was an important one, and ended up being the match-winner.

And the former Newcastle captain has thanked the Newcastle supporters for their treatment of him yesterday, and this is what the 30 year-old had to say about that today:

“I loved everything about this club when I was here, and I still do. I have fond memories and many friends and my family enjoyed it up here. My little boy is a Geordie.”

“I thought it was a fantastic performance from us. I was delighted to get the goal and just delighted with how the day went. I would like to thank the Newcastle fans for the fantastic support they gave me while I was here, and for the reception they gave me on Sunday.”

“Obviously I could not have asked to have gone to a better club than West Ham, for the following we have got, and the commitment they have shown, so I’m delighted to be at another wonderful club. Hopefully I can do as well for them as I did up here.”

Of the four players who left us last year – Kevin, Andy Carroll, Jose Enrique and Joey Barton, we think Kevin is the one we should have kept, but all that of course is in retrospect, but he could still have scored some goals for the club – and of course he is a born leader.

For the record,  Kevin played 91 times for Newcastle United and scored 30 goals, and he helped the club big time, when we were down and out in the summer of 2009, and the supporters will never forget that – as they demonstrated so well yesterday.

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  • Tsunki

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Comment #1

    Woah that was unexpected have we all switched over then?

    If I may, could I suggest that it is probably sound reasoning to be upset I would not like anyone to pinch my buns, at least not without asking. Ah – it appears I am the said smartass…

  • Tsunki

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    Comment #2

    Cap’n Kev saying all the right things to ensure lack of booing on return visits. Andy, take notes son. OK no, never mind it wont work for you, sorry. Unless we buy you back for £10m.

  • BelfastMagpie

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    Comment #3

    I must admit,I find it very entertaining on here during matchday.

    It makes me laugh anyway.

    Sad b***** that I am. Haha

  • Ibizatoon - Back by popular demand

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    Comment #4

    Tsunki…..Nothing like a new article to breathe new life in to toon fans. So, what’s the topic? Kevin Nolan?

    Oh good!

  • Conaldo (The Wizard)

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Comment #5

    Haha just catching up on some comments from today. Some real funny stuff lol

    Tsunki – why does obertan exist? Haha One of the great questions that science has been trying to answer for years. 🙂

  • BelfastMagpie

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    Comment #6

    Ibiza watches the madness from a safe distance to afraid to speak to the angry mob. Haha

    Coward! 🙂

  • Graeme

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    Comment #7

    He wanted the security of a four year contract and left to get what he wanted. Cant blame him, dont blame him. He always gave 1005 for us when he was here and you cant ask for more than that. Good luck to him!!

  • Graeme

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:22 PM

    Comment #8


  • toonLYF

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    Comment #9

    Andy Carroll was awesome on Sunday to be fair to him. Diame was like a man possessed – Tiote style V manu – with added attacking prowess. Was impressed with WHU to be honest.

  • BelfastMagpie

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    Comment #10

    Some people always slagged him off when he was here

    We could certainly do with his goals,at the minute.

  • Ibizatoon - Back by popular demand

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:27 PM

    Comment #11

    Belfast…Thought you may have missed this…


    Belfast…You’d know all about playing with the big boys, wouldn’t you? What was it, lie down and spread ya legs?

  • Big Pappa Cissé

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Comment #12

    I have it on good authority that Obertan was the inspuration for squidward and without him Spongebob square pants would not exist today 🙂

  • BelfastMagpie

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    Comment #13

    I was spreading my legs for no one.

    I was putting out the fires,while you hid in the corner. 😉

  • Ibizatoon - Back by popular demand

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Comment #14

    Belfast “firestarter” Magpie….Aye, you tell yourself that whilst you try and wash away the pain in the shower, holding yourself and sobbing.

  • jesperfuglsang - captain of the lemon crew

    Nov 12, 2012 at 6:58 PM

    Comment #15

    It the name of frivolity, here are some ‘whimsical antics’ you could try if you live or work somewhere with an elevator:

    1) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.
    2) GREET everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.
    3) MEOW occasionally.
    4) STARE At another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: “You’re one of THEM” – and back away slowly.
    5) SAY -DING at each floor.
    6) MAKE explosion noises when anyone presses a button.
    7) STARE, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: “I have new socks on.”
    8) DRAW a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: “This is my personal space.”
    9) WHEN there’s only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn’t you.
    10) DROP a pen and wail until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: “That’s mine!”
    11) CALL out “Group hug” then enforce it.
    12.) Talk on your cell phone in a Jersey Accent.

    Now have a night of fun and frivolity 😀 lol

  • giimps

    Nov 12, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    Comment #16

    Jesper, it works in the tube too (gets you much more space than normal) especially if you make sudden jerking movements forwards as if someone has just grabbed your BUtt, then stare at someone behind you as if it was them!!!

  • Jan Stavik

    Nov 12, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    Comment #17

    Nolan would not get games in todays Newcastle. He’s way to slow for a midfield position and as a striker we have 3-4 better players. He would prob grab the odd goal if he played though, he’s a fox in the box


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