There’s Been An Over-Reaction To Poor Results – Pardew

Alan Pardew hasn’t had too many crises to deal with during his time at Newcastle, and he’s done an excellent job for the club , but with the Magpies only in the middle of the table, and going through a poor run in the league, the game today at home to Swansea City is an important one – make no mistake about that.

Alan Pardew – there’s been an over-reaction by fans

But Alan seems a straight arrow, and he’s not ducking the very poor performance form Newcastle last week at home to West Ham United, and he had this to say today in the local press:

“I don’t want to bury my head in the sand about the West Ham performance or indeed the West Brom performance, where we won when we know we perhaps shouldn’t have.”

“But by the same token I think there has been a bit of an over-reaction.” “And I can remember us playing as poorly last season in some games.” “There was West Brom game when we lost 3-2 and it could have been more.”

“There was the 0-0 against Swansea when we weren’t that good. We did have these games last season.” “The expectation has risen.” “We should be in the top seven. That is understandable because of what happened last year.”

“We have to carry that expectation. I thought against West Ham we were rushed and we were chasing the goal too much.” “We got into good situations then rushed it. That’s not because we don’t want to win, it is because we want to win too much.”

“It is about getting that balance right.”

Alan Pardew will have been updated by local coaches like John Carver and Steve Stone about how Newcastle fans react to a loss.

And of course we always over-react, and we pointed that out after Sunday’s defeat – that there will be an over-reaction on the negative side – while cunningly making a note to ourselves not to over-react too much on the blog this week. 😀

Newcastle fans also over-react to good wins, and we’ll probably see that afternoon if we can manage a win.

We hope to see an over-reaction on the positive side at 5:00 pm this afternoon – we’re not daft.

Howay The Lads!!

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