Pardew Doesn’t Sound Too Confident Today

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has talked to the Sunday Sun today, and in all honesty we cannot say he seems too confident about the game today, and goes on about how his players are tired after the European games on Thursday.

Alan Pardew – hardly inspiring words form the Newcastle manager

With GPS (Global Positioning System) coming out, teams can now measure how far players run in a game, and you often see that distance on the TV screen when players are replaced during games, so it’s a fairly instantaneous measurement.

And it seems the Newcastle coaches have looked at the statistics of  the Sunday games, following our Thursday Europa league games, and the stats are down from what our players do normally.

This is what Alan Pardew said today:

“It’s the intensity you need from the players to play on a Thursday night then again on the Sunday.” “That information wasn’t really available to us until three or four years ago when GPS became the norm, and we began getting feedback on players’ performance.”

“You’ve only got to look at that to know there’s a dip.” “Unfortunately there’s going to be a dip mentally as well. For Southampton it will be a lovely training day for a couple of days. We don’t have a chance to do that and the levels of my players will be a little bit lower, so it will be tough.”

“I have mixed feelings about the competition. The Europa League format makes it difficult for a Premier League team, there’s no doubt about that. Thursday to Sunday is too tough at this level. The Thursday night is probably the bigger problem. We recovered on Friday and will still be recovering on Saturday.

“Then we’re straight into a game and there’s really no work I can do on the training ground for the Southampton game on Sunday.” “I’m talking about the energy level we get on a Sunday after playing Thursday compared to a free week. We can measure exact distances players cover, the intensity they work at. It’s the high intensity work that’s the bigger deal rather than the mileage.”

“I thought it would be a good feeling in the changing room after qualifying on Thursday, but it wasn’t. It was an angry feeling because of the last 20 minutes when we were disappointing. You have to get rid of that feeling and get into Sunday.” “All these things are impacting on the team.”

“It’s all different to us. It’s all new – and we’ve got to cope with it without 11 senior players.” “Even Manchester City would struggle.” “We will now put it to bed till February. The squad was very, very stretched on Thursday night, more than we’ve ever been since I’ve been manager. I hope in February we’re not stretched.”

It may just be us, but those comments from Alan are hardly positive ones before a vital Premier League game for Newcastle United, and believe me,  if you convince your players they will be tired during a game – guess what – they will be.

So it doesn’t seem like good psychology for the Newcastle manager to be almost making excuses for his side before a big game.

That’s not good – and what our lads need to do today is to go out there today and get the win – tired or not.

Howay The Lads!!

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