We Need Performances Above And Beyond Call Of Duty

It’s not hard to see that some of the players in our last four league games have been nowhere near their best form for Newcastle, and not only have we leaked some very poor goals, but we also are finding it hard to score goals at the other end.

Ben Arfa – next to return – but in a couple of weeks

And it’s not surprising that the Newcastle manager is under extreme pressure right now, because in a season where we were aiming at a top six place, we are only 4 points about third bottom place in the league table after 13 games played.

And it doesn’t help to remember that when we were relegated in 2009, we also started that season with high hopes of performing well in the league under returning manager Kevin Keegan, and we all know what happened that term, once Kevin left the club in early September.

Newcastle will not have any player coming back anytime soon, except Fab Coloccini, our captain, who has served his three match ban for his sending off at Liverpool, and the next to return should be Ben Arfa, but that’s not for a couple of weeks, and another three or more games will have been played by that time.

Newcastle are going to have to turn this thing around with the players that we have available right now.

This is what the Newcastle manager said in the local press today:

“We are going to have to.” “For Newcastle this is a tough result.” “It has put us in a terrible position in the Premier League.”

“We have seven or eight core group players that now need to put performance in that are above and beyond the call of duty.” “We’re really up against it.”

“We need people to come out and dig in now.” “We have no complaints with the result, I’m afraid.” “They had a greater intensity than us in the game.”

“We struggled to contain them at times. It was disappointing.”

Some Newcastle players are out of form, but when they hit a poor period like this, they are going to have to fight all the harder, but in truth if we play like we did yesterday, it’s hard to see Newcastle getting much out of their trip to Stoke City on Wednesday night, and another loss would certainly set the alarm bells ringing at St. James’ Park – more than they are right now.

That’s what we don’t want to hear on Wednesday night.

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