Ba’s Agents Want Amazing £5M For Any January Deal

The Independent is reporting today that the true cost of any club signing Demba Ba in January will be a massive £30M, when you add up his wages on a four-year deal, and the fact his agents want an amazing £5M for doing the deal. Good work if you can get it.

Demba Ba – total four year deal close to £30M

We know football agents are greedy and are killing the game – but this is ridiculous.

The Independent is saying that Ba wants around £80K/week in wages – which is consistent with the news stories, and we would guess that Newcastle may have offered close to £60K/week to the Senegal International striker, which is what Newcastle captain Fabricio Coloccini is said to earn on Tyneside.

But here’s what the total costs to a club are in signing Ba to a four-year contract:

  • Initial fee of about £7M to activate the release clause
  • The fees required to pay his agents are estimated at an astonishing £5M
  • A four-year deal at £80K a week is around £16M in total wages over the length of the contract
  • Insurance on Ba’s dodgy knee

So that’s around £28M plus insurance on his knee – and we suppose that’s close enough to £30M, which is what the Independent is reporting the total deal would cost.

Ba is getting £40K/week on a three year deal on Tyneside, that runs out in a short 18 months time, so Newcastle are very keen to tie up Ba on a longer term deal – soon – and hopefully before January rolls around.

We’d love to see Ba stay on Tyneside, and news of a new contract for the big man, would be tremendous news for Newcastle fans everywhere.

We hope that happens – and happens soon.

What do you think?

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