Ben Arfa – I Love The City – I Love The Fans – I Feel Loved

There’s a bit of a love fest that’s been going on between a certain French maestro – Hatem Ben Arfa at Newcastle – and the Geordie fans, and it seems the admiration goes both ways.

Hatem Ben Arfa against Liverpool

Ever since he first arrived at Newcastle from Marseilles, when he took a secret visit to Newcastle to try to push through a loan move, there’s been a mutual admiration society formed between the French wizard and the Newcastle fans.

And this is what the French international told the Independent today:

“I feel very happy in Newcastle, I feel welcome, I feel loved here. I love the city. I love it when the fans come to meet me,” “This is the most confident I have been given in my career and I want to do well for the club and the fans.”

“I have realized that it is 30 percent talent and the rest is hard work. Here in the Premier League you have to be very strong first. After that you can play.” “You’re in hospital and in pain, and you see football on the television – it is very difficult.”

“But I learned from it as well.” “I think there is a reason I had that experience, maybe to learn more. I am happy to have had that experience today – but not then. I can be philosophical about it now.”

“Against Liverpool, in the first 30 minutes, I lost every ball. When I was younger, if that had happened after 30 minutes, I would have lost confidence. Now, I keep going, it is my responsibility.”

And when Ben Arfa first arrived at Newcastle, he knew all about the club and it’s great history, and all about the Geordie fans, and he made it very clear he wanted to play in front of those fans at St. James’ Park.

And it seems one of the reasons the French international has been in such sparkling form for Newcastle since he arrived on the banks of the River Tyne, is that he is inspired by the fans – who just love the lad.

It’s a match made in heaven – and long may it continue.

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