Big Surprise If Newcastle Can Beat Manchester City – But ….

Next up for Newcastle United are Manchester City, and we have lost our previous two fixtures in the league at home to Manchester City by a couple of goals, and it would be a huge surprise if Newcastle can get anything out of this game tomorrow.

alan pardew close up

Alan Pardew – in happier times

But given where we are in the table, and having been beaten by mediocre sides five times in the last six games, that’s exactly what Newcastle now has to do – get some points against the good sides, otherwise we’ll drop into the relegation zone – which is the last place we want to be.

Alan Pardew is well aware he has to turn this thing around at Newcastle:

“They are a team that won the Premier League last year and they have fantastic players.” “But this year they are having a bit of a struggle for the team that they are. They come to us in the same mode as us – struggling.”

“We’re looking to find our best performance.” “At Fulham there were a lot of good things.” “A few incidents let us down and we can’t afford to have them at this stage.” “But the mood of the team, the aggression of the team and the work-rate of the team – I would never fault that.”

“I thought it was good on Monday.”

Even if Newcastle can get two goals up tomorrow, it will be hard to hang onto that lead because the PL Champions have proved they are more than able to come back in a game after going behind.

It would be a huge surprise if Newcastle can get anything out of tomorrow’s game – but that’s exactly the type of thing we need to do – to get us away from the relegation zone.

And stranger things have happened.

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