Eight Year Deals And A Terrible Newcastle Slump

When a manager and his coaches get a massive eight year deal handed to them and the security that comes with that – and then the team shortly after that goes into a massive slump – like losing five of their last six league games, the idea of complacency will rear its ugly head.

alan pardew stone and carver

The Newcastle coaches have just secured eight year deals

And some have said the two are not just a coincidence, and because of the eight year deals, Alan Pardew and his staff have taken their eye off the ball – and that’s why Newcastle are now in trouble, just two points above the relegation zone and with a visit from Manchester City tomorrow.

This is what the Newcastle manager said in the local press today:

“This is an area fans are getting a bit of a misconception about us. Because of the length of our deals, there is a suggestion we’re not working as hard or something like that – it’s absolutely ridiculous. You actually work harder in these periods. It’s not a question of security or money – it’s about winning.”

“We want to win. We are hurting, all of us. What you can’t do is overload the information. The preparation we did for games last year is no different. We’ve kept it very similar.” “Tactically, we’ve changed certain things about preparation, but the way we prepare for the opposition, what is said, and where our mindset is before we go into a game is very similar to last year, when we were winning five or six games on the trot.”

“For me, I have to try and not be too over-analytical. I have to try and get the balance right. That’s what you have to do.” “It’s a difficult time. A lot of the players here have only experienced good times at this club.” “This is the first time since relegation that this club has faced a difficult period like this – one or two players are finding that difficult to deal with.”

It’s a reasonable link between the eight year deals handed out and the terrible Newcastle slump, but we think it has nothing to do with it – and if you are driven in life, money doesn’t mean too much, because it all comes from within.

And from what we’ve seen of Alan Pardew,  he’s a driven man who wants to win every game – and he’s been handed far too small a squad in September for the task that lay ahead for our club, and Newcastle have paid for that with a number of injuries to our top players.

Things may not get better anytime soon either, but let’s keep the faith and turn this thing around – surely better days lie ahead for Newcastle United.

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