Newcastle Just A Flash In The Pan – Maybe

Newcastle seem to quickly be losing the good name they created last season as being more than a decent side, and we have found it hard to buy a win over the last seven league games, but hey – we did hammer Wigan 3-0 – but yes – I almost forget – they played with 10 men for all but 12 minutes of that game.

Newcastle United v Wigan Athletic - Premier League

John Carver and Alan Pardew in secret talks

Newcastle are now in 14th in the league, but just two points above three teams on 15 points and Sunderland are just one point behind us now, after their good 3-0 win at home to Reading on Tuesday night, in their make-up game.

And it was put to Newcastle manager Alan Pardew that last season maybe we were just a little lucky, but he still believes Newcastle are a good side, and he doesn’t agree that Newcastle were just a flash in the pan last season:

“No, I think that’s a little bit unfair, because I think that if you’re a good side, you’re a good side and you find a way. But the injuries and the suspensions and the Europa League; you can’t say that hasn’t had an impact. Any logical football person, even our harshest critic as a fan, would say it’s had an impact.

“It’s knocked some momentum out of us, whereas last year, when you have that momentum, you don’t really have to think very much.” “Are we working as hard as we were? Yes. In fact, you don’t have to work so hard when you have some momentum, because the players are in a good place and you rollover from game to game, tweaking things here and there. When results are bad, you’re working a lot harder. “

“It is a combination of things. There is not one big reason for it. You have to balance some of the criticism.” “Some of it has been fair; some of it has not been fair. I have to sift through that and I do with that the players privately.”

It’s now up to Alan and his coaches, and the players too, to start to turn this state of affairs around, and while we would love to win tomorrow against Manchester City at home, if the lads turn up for this game, and put in a fighting performance, then we’ll be satisfied enough.

Then we need to start doing that in each of the remaining games, and if we can do that – we should be OK.

That’s our hope in any case. 😀

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