We’ve Got The Character And Resilience To Get Out Of This

Newcastle center-back Mike Williamson was interviewed after yesterday’s 3-1 defeat at home to Manchester City – the third defeat in the last four league games at home for Newcastle.

mile williamson close-up

Mike Williamson – we can get out of this

Mike seems confident that things will turn around sooner rather than later, and he said things were just not going Newcastle’s way at the moment:

“It feels like the last few weeks we’ve come out and there’s a lot of positives there but still we leave with no points, and that’s the disappointing thing.” “Obviously they’re the champions and they’re not there for nothing but we do feel disappointed with the result and it’s getting frustrating.”

“We had a few times where it flashed across their goalmouth today and they have one that goes across ours and goes through two people’s legs and it finds the net.” “That’s the period we’re in but I’m sure we’ve got the character and resilience to get out of this.”

“The players in that dressing room know it’s just a mentality at the end of the day. We’ve still got the same team as we had last year and we’ve got a positive outlook and quality in the team.” “We know we can keep clean sheets and we can score goals. It’s just trying to get back to that and not forgetting what we did, and that’s what we try to do each week.”

Newcastle had started the game well,  and it was Joe Hart who saved Manchester City a few times and denied Newcastle some goals that we desperately need these days, and our defending was again not up to par, and against one of the best sides in England, that’s just not good enough.

Next up is QPR at home next Saturday, and that seems to us like it’s getting to be a must win game to give our players some confidence.

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